My Cruel World


Her memories flashed through her eyes. A few tear escaped her eyes.

She saw herself with the man she love. She saw him pursue her,  feed her, kiss her, tease her, defend her, hug her, love her, cherishing her, fighting for her and letting her use her arm as a pillow.

Her eyes were closed. She no longer has the strength to keep them open. With her remaining strength she mumbled her heart's thoughts

“The wor…ld… was too… crule to… me. It… ne…ver gave m…e what… I desired most. Even the mem…ories… of l…ove I have… are fake. It’s be…st that I w… won’t stay here any l…l…longer.” Those were the last word she said before darkness consumed her.

The world truly wasn’t kind to her. She had suffered from all the pain but only wanted one thing. Even that she couldn’t have or rather died thinking that she didn’t have. She died without knowing that what she already had what she wanted most.


Maha Noor Malik

#43 in Romance
#31 in Billionaires
#3 in Fantasy

Story about: tragedy, sad love , happy ending

Edited: 14.04.2021

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