My Fiance Is Alpha





Vaughn Daemon Lupus the coldest man you'll ever come across. He doesn't forgive, he doesn't let anybody in, he's ruthless and some say he's probably best not to cross paths. Vaughn is not a human he is a werewolf not just a normal werewolf because he is the new Alpha of the Lupus Pack. He doesn't care about his fiancee because for him Caroline is his only Luna and no one can replace her.



Summer Javernick is childish, jolly, loving, caring, forgiving, full of life and sometimes short temper. She's probably the brightest person you'll ever come across. She is a human and not a werewolf like Vaughn. Summer used to think werewolves were a legend but she did not expect them to be true. She is afraid of her fiance because he is not human.



Elison Gilbert . Lycans and werewolves are also different in appearance. A werewolf in their wolf form will look like a regular wolf but a lot bigger, where a Lycan will look like a humanoid wolf. Werewolves and lycans almost the same physical strength. Unlike the werewolf, lycans are said to be smarter. His mate has been dead for a long time but when he saw Summer his dead heart beat again.



Vanessa Lupus is Vaughn's younger sister. Compared to her older brother she is not strong she is an Omega. Even though she is an Omega, everyone respects her because they are afraid of their leader. She easily became friends with Summer because they had the same personality. Vanessa also hopes that his older brother will be cheerful again like before with the help of Summer.



David Hunter is lone wolf. The lone wolf lives by the beliefs that they have to do life alone that no one truly has their back. He feels like feeling others for support is unnecessary, unfair, weak, pathetic, or dependent. He will be Summer's friend and also because of Summer he will see his mate unexpectedly.



Nicole Smith is werewolf  she in the Lupus Pack and her rank is Beta. She doesn't want to be a Beta because she wants to be Vaughn's Luna. Nicole doesn't love Vaughn she just wants the wealth and power that Vaughn has so she wants to be a Luna. She has not yet seen her mate in case their paths meet , she has no intention of accepting it.




Winston Gray is an Alpha of Gray Pack. He was Summer's ex-boyfriend but to this day he still loves her. He had never seen his mate yet so he left Summer because he knew by the time he saw his mate he would be hurt. After all, the mate bound was too strong. He did not expect to see Summer again so he was surprised to know that Summer was Alpha Vaughn's fiancee.

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Edited: 23.02.2021

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