My Future I Hold


Everyone has a story, yes that's true but what many don't know is that we are the writers of those stories. Nothing was already written ,we ain't following any path ,all is a matter of right and wrong choices we make which made us end up in the way we are. My life is quite a story itself. I have made friends , I have loved though never in a relationship and I have dreams I want to see come true. It's true that sometimes we take some wrong turns but that doesn't mean it's the end. 
I have pictured my life in different angles until my death. Yes, sad it is that our lives could come to an end anytime anywhere even where it feels like couldn't. Crazy isn't it? However, the fact still remains the same, we're all going to die someday. The truth is I don't fear death, I actually have been yearning for it for as long as I could remember for some reason, which you will know soon enough, though I have one aim in life and that is making my Guardians happy. After that , I don't care what happens ,come death and I will be ready to leave this temple of mine with a smile knowing that they are proud of me.
For all you should know is that I never used to be like I am right now, almost ever smiling , happy and laughing even if the joke is on me. Kind of the opposite,I used to be a Violent short tempered person who even words could lead to a fight. But something changed me, something made me be like this.. I wasn't like this but definitely I like the way I turned out to be. 
My name's are Njobvu Peter commonly known as Njobvu Masauso and you are about to embark on my journey of life.

Peter MJ

Edited: 19.07.2021

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