My Heart Follows You

A Trip To Remember

Rain,rain go away
Comes again another day..

These are one of my most favourite rhymes,because it has the essence of our childhood, it reminds me about the days of purest pleasure, the days we spent,the days of our past.

Why do I suddenly think about my past?Why the hell do I ever want to relive my past days?

Actually the fault is not mine..

The weather is faulty..Who told it to be soo beautiful? These dark clouds,these cold breeze,the beautiful riverside-everything makes this scenario most perfect..just like our summer vacation days in Shillong..just like my childhood....

- 'Disha!'
- 'Dishaa..a..a..a!'

Suddenly I came back to the reality! I was thinking about that again?Why can't I forget about it?

-' Y..yess Neha ! Are you calling me?'

- "Are you daydreaming Disha? I have been calling you from last fifteen minutes and you are just.. standing still!"

-' Oh! Actually I was just thinking about something soo I could not hear you! Sorry Babe!'- I winked at her as she stood beside me,with a huge smile in her face.

-' Oh..hooo! So,are you thinking about your Prince Charming? You know.. showing up from behind the clouds.. descending here..picking you up andddd.."

Before she married me off to the imaginary prince, I stopped her by putting my hand on her mouth. Neha is always like that, energetic, talkative and youthful. Among my other colleagues,she is the closest one to me, because she has the warmth to make anyone feel happy.

After struggling for some time,at last she has become succeeded to open her mouth again and as usual she starts again..

- ' Hey! What's wrong with you dude? Why are you stopping me? Just,look at yourself! You,a beautiful young lady,only of 24,was standing here,all alone, quiet and lonely! Alas! Isn't it a waste of your beauty? I am really worried about you!'

Hearing that words while watching her "too much painful" expression,l could not hold myself and burst out laughing.

-' Oh really? Am I looking that much sorrowful?'- I asked her while laughing. 



Her excitement became doubled as she continues with sparkle in her eyes,
-' Ofcourse! you came here on a office trip and look, what exactly are you doing now? Standing alone and staring at a river! I mean, when the entire mass is busy planning dates and getting engaged,why are you not interested in any of these? why Disha why?'- She clearly looks exhausted.

-" But, what's wrong with admiring the scenery? It's absolutely rare to see this kind of landscape in Kolkata.Don't we come here for this natural beauty? For the nature,for the calm and quietness,for the river 'Ichhamoti'! Then?"

I turned at her, expecting an answer rather I saw her most disdainful look on her face. She patted my shoulder and said,' I have always wanted to know why does the damn oldie boss admire you but now I get understand!'

-'So? What do you get understand?'- I asked her curiously.

-"Because both of you are equally dumb and oldie!",Neha started laughing hysterically

-" ok,fine! I am returning to the hotel to have some sleep!If I knew that this trip is for finding lovers, I would never come here!" 
I turned around and started walking as I felt Neha also was hurriedly coming right after me.

-" ok,ok Babe! Sorry!I am really sorry to offend your nature lover soul!Please forgive me!"She bent down her head and put the fingers on the ears in a classic apologetic manner.

This is the perk of staying with Neha,you cannot stop smiling while being with her. How could someone be angry with this cutie?

-" Okay! Now drop the act and tell me,why were you calling me then?" I asked her while both of us continue walking towards the hotel.

-" Oh, yes!I almost forget! Everyone has planned to go for a boat ride  on the river! That's why I came to bring you back and join us!"

-" wait! Boatride in this weather! It will be raining anytime! It's not a good idea!"- I scanned the sky again only to hear the faint roars of the clouds from the north side. It's really very risky indeed.

-" Hey! But everyone is going and we two shouldn't be left behind! Don't worry!If it would be risky then the boatman would never be agreed to go!They know the weather better than you, isn't it?"- She gripped my hands and gave her most enthusiastic look!

-"But if we can't return before the evening? If it will start raining? This place is also unknown to us.Listen Neha, I don't know swimming so I really don't know if it is a good idea or not!",I am really getting tensed about the boat journey.

-" No,no!nothing bad will happen Babe!I am assuring you! You will  perfectly be safe and sound under my supervision!Now,please go!For my sake!Pleaseee!!"

Now,I am really helpless because Neha is shooting me her perfect puppy eyes look and it will be continued till I am convinced. She always has her ways to convince me,just like this trip.

Frankly speaking,l had no intention to join this office tour to Taki because I don't like the so-called office gossips or noisy get-togethers.I like doing my job silently as a creative assistant in our Advertising Agency in Kolkata.

But,because of the two main reasons,I have ended up coming here.

Firstly,the constant nagging and pleading of my friend cum subordinate, Neha.

Secondly,it would be utterly boring to stay at home alone without my Aunt and Monika,my cousin,because they had an invitation to attend.

But,now when I just started enjoying the nature,this is getting weird. I don't know why but I am really feeling anxious to go for the boatride. Everything will be alright. May be!

Sulagna Mitra

Edited: 28.10.2020

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