My High School Crush


My name is Jessica Williams. My friends call me Jessie. I grew up in Eastbrook, Griffinfield with my bestfriends Emmy and Sophie. We were born bestfriends because our parents are best friends. We have done almost everything together except having boyfriends. I have had a crush on Alexander Mckenzie for ages. He is the school hottie. He is the schools basketball captain and every girl in the school likes him. I mean who wouldn't? He is hot, handsome and smart. But he is not the typical school jock that you know. He is not a player nor sleep around with girls. Most importantly, he is not a bully.

I have always been focused in my studies. I want to become a doctor and I want to go to Griffinfield University – the best University in the country. It being the best makes it the most expensive University as well that is why I need to get the highest grades possible to get a scholarship. I am not a nerd but I would rather stay home on the weekends watching Netflix and chill with my best friends when I am not studying. I would tag along on their dates sometimes because they beg me to. It's not that I don't like guys. It's just not in my top priority right now. But my best friends would not stop whining about getting me a boyfriend because according to them "I'm not living my life". Who would want to date a 90% nerd?

Enough of my sorry ass love life. Tomorrow is the first day of Senior High and I, for one, can't wait to graduate. I can't wait to start a life in the city. One of the disadvantages of living in such a small town is not meeting a lot of people. Basically, everyone in the town knows each other. It has its perks and what nots. They say Senior High is the best year in high school. I guess we will find that out soon. 


The Fallen Angel

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