My innocent girl

Chapter one


" I said get out of my house you bitch!!" My mother in-law screamed at me

" I will never in this life time leave this house. It's my husband's house not yours. You have no say in this" I replied coldly. " I'm only respecting you for the sake of my husband and also you're old enough to give birth to me. So, pls respect yourself" I continued with blank expression though deep down am really angry

" I reject it. You will never be my child. I can't give birth to a useless, poor, rag-like fellow like you" she said snapping at me.

"Whatever" I muttered anyway she is not to blame. I'm to be blamed for all this since I'm the cause of it. It all started five years ago.


" Give me a glass of tequila pls" I said to the batender weakly. Today is the worst day of my life. I had caught my boyfriend which I have been dating for the past three years cheating on me. My best friend "Annie" had came to my house that day asking me to do a makeover for her saying she is going on a date with a guy that afternoon. I was working in a beauty care workshop and I had perfected in doing anything thing related to body care like doing makeup, making soap, all sort of things even making hair. I placed a chair in front of the mirror and instructed her to sit on it. After like two hours, we were done and she looked absolutely stunning. 

" Wow babe! You look hmmwaa" I said to her admiringly and proud of my work on her body

" Thanks darling, you're such an artist. You've made me look five years younger than my age" she said happily

" You are welcome. What are friends for. A friend in need is a friend indeed" I said hugging her. After that she left for her date and after thirty minutes, I also left home for shopping cos today is my boyfriend's birthday and I have to buy him a gift.

It's been forty minutes I have been roaming a jewelry shop in search of what to buy for Daniel, my bf. I was roaming by the wrist watch section when my eyes landed on one beautiful silver watch. Immediately I saw it, I fell in love with it and I'm sure Daniel will also love it. I took it and saw the price tag on it and went to the cashier to pay for it. I then went back home to freshen up, change into a new dress then headed to my boyfriend's house. I got to his house and unlock it since he had already told me the password the day we started dating and he hasn't changed it till now. I unlocked it, entered and headed to the sitting room. I didn't tell him I was coming because I wanted to surprise him. On getting to the sitting room, I saw clothes scattered on the floor anyhow and I was like what the hell is happening here. I heard faint sound coming from his bedroom and I headed there wanting to inquire him about why clothes were scattered on the floor of his sitting room. I opened his bedroom door and what I saw made my jaw dropped.



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