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Hy guys, this is my first book. If you find any kind of mistake in the context then I am very sorry. But for now, here's a small introduction to our main characters:

Sneha Choudhary: She is a 20-year-old girl studying in J.Jcollege of architecture in Mumbai, India. She is a pretty girl with big dark brown eyes, soft pinkish lips, long black hairs which comes to her waist, a curvy figure and height of 5feet 3inch.

Vikram Oberoi: A 27-year-old man who is 6 feet tall. And having all qualities to be called as a handsome hunk with black hawk-like eyes which can rip a person with its stare only. He is ruthless and arrogant mafia leader who rules the mafia world and can destroy anyone with a movement of his finger. But in the outer world, he is known as a successful businessman and owner of Oberoi International Pvt Ltd.


Sneha's dad Mr Kamal is suffering from alcoholic cardiomyopathy since last 2 years and is hospitalised since last 1 year. Doctors said that his condition is getting worse day by day. But he can be cured by surgery and he can also recover completely if he takes care of his health after the of surgery.


But the surgery and other supplies cost her more than 15 lakhs!! And she was just a student with a family of 4 members which includes her dad, mom( Mrs Shanti), her younger sister( lakshita ) and brother ( Sidharth).

Lakshita is 5 years younger than Sneha and Sidharth is 3 years younger than Lakshita. And their mother Shanti is a housewife. And Kamal was only the one, who was earning. Since they have known about the disease, it was very late and he was suggested to be hospitalised immediately. After one month he has to resign from his job. Since then Sneha and her mother started working. Although it was not enough for them still they were doing their best but still, they got debited and their financial crisis was getting worse day by day. And now she has to pay a huge amount of money. So, overall her family was in their worse condition.


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And the story here begins...😘😘🤫



Srishti Choudhary

Edited: 17.01.2021

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