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where was my happiness?

Hi I am Meiling and here I am going to tell you my story. 
I was aways sad! at the time when I was 3 years old I had a baby-sitters when my mom and dad went to work. I feel like I never get to see them. I had 2 older brothers that live in china at the time. once I got older
when I first star kindergarten. I got bully at school everyday I had no friends to play with or to hang out with. I also never got what I want because my mom and dad never have time. 
I just want to have happy childhood now. I was bully for 5 years!!..... now that I am 15 years old I still am sad because all my mom and thing of is work.... I don't know why I was like this but I just hate my life!
where was my happiness?



Meiling Zheng

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Story about: a sad childhood

Edited: 16.04.2019

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