My life

Chapter 1 : My childhood

The word childhood refreshes all of us......So here I m telling you my childhood story.....The first day of my school when each and every teachers welcomed me and kissed on my cheek...When I first time used pencil and tried to write alphabet A...My teacher was extremely shocked when she saw my copy and I wrote it so perfectly...I was the child with full of discipline..when my mother came to school ,all teachers praised me and my mother felt proud at that time.. I was the child who wanted to go to school daily whenever my parents didn't wake me up for school, I started to I was such a devoted child...Many of my classfellows called me "bookworm". 

When I was in class 3 ,my mother also taught in my school.At this time I had many friends..As you know time always changes so here the story begins when me,my sister and my mother we returned home and changed our uniforms...Suddenly our father also came,he did job in government college .We all were happy and took lunch together....Then at 4:00 pm my father was going for part time job , me and my sister forced him not to go but he said it's not possible my daughters and then he went..

Out of the mirror

Edited: 13.10.2020

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