My Love, The Monster Boy

Four Months Before


Young Master Magician Having Stolen Ancient Artefact

Last Seen Leaving Planet Nera.


Four Months Before in The Kingdom of Alzartzm, Nera



The day I declared war was the day hell began to consume a kingdom. It was a strange feeling that lay in my stomach as I walked into the court that evening. A palace glittering with carved gold mounts and antiques of ancient origin, of beautifully lined marbled flooring and walls that were strategically placed to shine during the lighter months as the sun hit them from the grand window that looked down on the court square, so when you walked inside the kingdom it was like being in some sparkly wonderland.

With me inside this building as I stepped onto those very marble-lined floors and headed down the aisle that leads to the king of this land looking directly at me, each of my steps was like leaving a burning rotten hole into the ground of beauty in a place as pure looking as this. Only you couldn't see it, of course. Because my reasoning for being here had yet been disclosed. Nor had the evil that those hidden marks had left. Sometimes evil the masters of hiding in the shadows till they pounced after all. Fooling the world around them till they shared their true tones.

It amused me. That the King had no idea what was about to happen. Something I loved. Nobody ever assumed anything bad from me and so, finally having this control in my life, felt like a beautiful moment. I took in all the glistening and beauty of this palace. After all, it would be mine one day. That was the reason I was here.

My cape treads lightly along the floor the closer I got to the King. His face seemed emotionless today, which was understood given I had never made such a random appearance to the Kingdom headquarters before. As I stood at the edge of his mount, he tilted his head and ushered an answer for my appearance to his workstation.

"Young master Han-Duskmore, what a surprise appearance this is. Why are you in the Kingdom?" Sairain was known for his forced enthusiasm. However, with myself, I never felt it to be ungenuine when he smiled at me. It was just sad; it was not going to last much longer. That smile I had known for so many years. Would soon be dead.

I soon bowed my head. "Lord Sairain, my appearance is very abrupt indeed and you must be highly confused as to why I would come to the kingdom without being summoned. However, I have a request of you and somehow now it just felt like the right time to come to you with it since I have finished my Han mastery education. I would be sent off to a faraway city, so now is the time."

Sairain looked baffled by my response. What request could I have of him, or why I would make such a statement at all, given the king did not simply grant requests. No matter who they were. "Oh yes, I congratulate you on graduating. I'm sorry I was not able to attend your leaving ceremony. I have been indebted with many local concerns as of late and trying to get some laws in order. The town has had some very strange happening lately."

I so dearly wanted to laugh given I knew what those strange happening he was referring too. I had been practicing a particular spell now for some time and it had seemed to greatly disturb the locals of town. But they needn't worry much more, now I had mastered it. I kept my silence though. "Lord, I am sorry to hear that."

"So, what is this request of yours? I do not mean to push you, but I have many dealings still left to sort out." He ushered to a group of men now waiting at the opening doors.

I licked at the side of my lip trying to brush off my annoyance as usual he was talking to me as if I was some lowly worker of his and not a high order magician. "It is a request that I am sure will surprise you. However, I am just going to come out and say it." I took a breath and smiled. "I want to rule Alzartzm."

The words immediately seemed to throw him off guard. "You wish what?"

"I want to one day take your place and rule this land."

After a moment of silence, a burst of enormous laughter from the king arrived into the chamber. I looked around to even seeing the guards surprised at his reaction. "In life Master Han-Duskmore, you cannot always get what you desire. And especially, not in your case this instance. What kind of request is this? Is this a prank?"

As the words I had dreaded most made their way out of the head of Nera courts mouth not long after I had arrived. Had I not been in such a sacred building in these lands that had been my home for over eighteen years, my hand that itched with anger to revolt against his words, fumed heavily by my side. It was a feeling I had not been expecting so early on this pursuit of mine before the war declaration had even happened. A journey of making all of even my wildest dreams come true. However, this one dream I had more than others. It was the only one that held two stages to it. The only one giving a chance to a person holding the key to easily unlocking that future. However, it was not being unlocked so easily, unlike I thought it would.

It was a strange thing for me to do. To hold back like this as not many things did I have the patience for and even though my eyebrow twitched out of agitation, I managed to keep my expression calm. After all, I was both used to the expressions my King held and liked to use often to lecture people but also since this building would be mine one day in the future, I did not want to chance destroying it. This building that held centuries of history in its ancient walls. For now, I could hold my anger and deliver it to this foolish old man, on a later date. I always got my way after all, no matter what. However, I could not act so carelessly right now. Not just yet. This dream I was giving a chance to not have a dark ending.

Junie Han

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