My Lovely New Project


Let's imagine a story in which the main character is an attractive brunette named Alana, as ordinary as she is independent and bold. Her life has not been easy at all, but she is a woman who knows what she wants and does not hesitate to go find it ... or at least try. Realistic to the bone, it goes without saying that she believes neither in princes nor in fairy tales, she hates that men see the female sex as fragile and defenseless.

Now imagine a spectacular blond, handsome, and vain named Brian. He was born in a golden cradle and grew up having everything at hand. Millionaire, successful architect, tireless worker, competitive, and with great social skills. The enchanted prince for whom many ladies yearn, although he is not at all proud of his life or his past. He is a man in search of changes ... in his affections, in his habits, and even in his dreams.
Their worlds are full of contradictions, but at least their personalities coincide on one thing: They are both hopelessly stubborn and sarcastic. Both attract each other, complement each other, belong to each other ... but sometimes love and desire are not enough. Join our protagonists, laugh, cry, live, and fall in love with them, in this story full of comedy, madness, dedication, passion, and love.




In this story, there are no princes, no princesses.

Not even a castle enchanted,

but if you give it a chance

I assure you that you will end up captivated.



Edited: 09.07.2021

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