My near death experience

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My near death experience

Harmattan day is always the best day for me because the weather is always cold in the morning and at night. Although afternoons can be very hot like the ozone layer is weak and also dry. My lips tend to be dry, I'll have to use lip balm every minute. And also when I breathe in, it's always like the cold is moving to my head and it becomes very sharp for me. But there is something that no one can argue about is the fact that whenever you dry clothes outside during this season, it drys very fast. Now am an asthmatic patient and this is one of the periods I'll have to use balm to keep myself warm in the morning and at night. I'll have to use hot water to bath in the morning and at night. I'll have to drink hot or warm water. Never liked it. To be sincere I love cold things.

There was this day when I didn't do all of this wear thick cloth, drink hot water and all, I had a very serious asthma attack that night. Most of the time this attack comes at night. You know after it has  all the dust - very terrible in Lagos, cold and all, It will then come and have a good time with you at night. When it started, it was on a low key then it increased. I started whistling like a boiling water. I couldn't breathe in again, I was only able to breathe out. It was terrible. I began to sweat. I didn't want to wake my sis up that night, you know I don't like disturbing people but girl you're dying. I was rolling on the floor didn't know what to do. My inhaler had finished and I didn't have any drugs on me. What did I do? I started asking for the forgiveness of my sins. I thought that was the end for me. At least if I die now I'll go to Heaven. God didn't permit me. I was able to scale through that night till morning. 

At home we usually go for this morning prayer in a church not too far from home. My dad of course woke up on time and left in his Jeep expecting me, my mom and siblings to come alone. He doesn't like wasting time. But I was there dying in silence. When my mom came to our room to have a short prayer with my sis and I before we leave for church, she didn't really notice that something was off about me. I'd already sat on the floor pretending to be fine but notice I was dying. I still don't even know how I was able to endure. My mom just asked me if I was fine and I nodded. I couldn't talk at all. It's like you're taking the only 2% air left in my lungs. 

After the prayer, my mom said we should hurry that dad has left. I tried standing up to wear cloth but I wasn't able to stand well let alone wear cloth. I really struggled to wear my cloth but as I was trying to wear it I had to rest on my wardrobe. Trying to wear the cloth was like sucking the oxygen and energy out of me. It was so difficult I mean difficult. At last my sis noticed that something was wrong after she finished dressing up. She asked me but I still nodded. Of course she knew I was lieing. She then asked me if I'll go to the hospital and I nodded. I tried using my hand to speak to her that I won't be able to make it there especially with no car around. And my dad had left for church. Luckily for me there was this small clinic just very close to my house so my sis asked if I'll go there and I nodded yes. I even tried to say yes but I couldn't. Now how do we get there? I couldn't stand on my own let alone walk and even down the stairs for that matter. She offered to back me but I said no using my hand. I tried to walk to the door but before I got there ehn it took time and energy. Every step I take , I wait to rest before I move on again. When we eventually got downstairs, I still had to walk some miles before we got to the clinic. The journey was like going to Ibadan. When my sis saw that I couldn't make it and really struggling she just backed me . I tried stopping her but she insisted. She backed me to the house gate. I made her drop because I didn't want people to see her backing me and start asking questions. I was shy. I finally got to the clinic. The doctor was called to see me at the reception, when he saw me he asked what happened then my sis said asthma. Immediately he instructed the nurses to get me nebulizer. Till I got to the hospital my parents weren't back yet. When I started using the nebulizer I was still not getting any better. Finally my dad and mom showed up. I can't remember how they knew we were there. My mom was so scared. My dad was too but he proved that he's a man. He started praying for me and bathing me with anointing oil while my mom kept calling my name to confirm if I was still alive. She didn't know that I was very weak to even talk or notice that people were there with me. She started touching my legs and hand saying that they were cold. Truly they were like death. After I was administered the drugs the doctor put me up for admission but it was just for that day from 6am to 8pm. 

As they prepared my bed and about to put in the drip, the nurse couldn't find my vein. Seriously that nurse is wicked. It was like I should slap her and ask where she finished from. She was just inserting and removing the drip. At last she found it. I was taking the drip. Morning passed now afternoon, I was still not getting better. I didn't want to talk. You know me I don't like disturbing people. I endured it. Until I couldn't anymore, I had to tell my brother to buy me inhaler. After I took the inhaler that evening, I felt relieved. I asked myself what on Earth is it that you this medical practitioners are giving me that is not working?  After urinating more than ten times and still no good result. Annoying! 

Later that evening my dad brought a pastor to pray for me. After the prayer my dad said, 'it's ok now what you have done here is enough start coming home.'(He said it in Yoruba). I was later discharged. One thing that made me laugh and always made me laugh was when my dad sent my brother to check if I was still breathing. 


Edited: 01.08.2020

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