My Pervert Boss


Gracie sat with few other people waiting to be called in for the final interview after graduating from school a year ago she has been searching for job at a technology company hoping to get employed although she didn’t really own the best school result she had faith as she sat with the others waiting her turn after waiting for fifteen minutes she was finally called in with a nervous mind she followed the staff and entered the office she was directed into, she close the door behind her and move forward inside the spacious office. She look ahead and saw him staring at her his eyes glued to her body without minding his look she greeted him politely waiting for him to say something but he just kept staring at her, Gracie look down at her clothes she wonder if her dressing was too much which caused the stare she was advised by her friend and roommate Teresa to make sure to dress well enough to get the job, she has put on a long sleeve floral shirt and a short skirt to match it with her heels and powdered her face with maquillage but seeing the look she’s getting from her interviewer she felt like she has overdone it.
After waiting for minutes with his gaze still on her she clear her throat to get his attention and stop him from staring and that was when he stop and look at her like he was just noticing her presence for the first time 
“Do you have a boyfriend?” he asked suddenly out of nowhere, Gracie look at him surprise written all over her she wasn’t sure if she heard correctly
“Am sorry, is that question for me?” she asked sounding as politely as ever, he nodded his head positively at her question surprising her the more, Gracie stood still not giving him an answer by then he has resume his stares giving her body another massage look which made her uncomfortable as she frown her face in disapprove
“Is he a pervert?” she thought to herself but his next question didn’t allow her think further 
“Can you come closer you are standing too far” he said, this time Gracie respond to him and move forward a bit closing few steps between them 
He stood up from his seat and move closer to her, Gracie look at him in confusion not sure what he was up to but whatever it is she doesn’t look ready for it, oblivious of what she was thinking he move further giving them no space Gracie tried to keep distance between them but he was quick to move further his shoes met with her heels and she made to move back but accidently slipped due to the anxiety she let out a shriek but got held back by him as he wrap his hands around her pulling her to himself she get hold of his shoulders gripping them for support after ensuring she was safe she let out a relief breath but it was soon cut short when she realize she was holding onto him she wanted to move away again but the gaze his eyes was giving her made her pause as she stare back into his eyes she wasn’t sure but the gray eyes staring at her made her feel mesmerized for a moment, she shifted her gaze to his massively broad shoulders without realization she made to feel them, it felt so muscular that Gracie conclude he must work out a lot she smile to herself admiring those beautiful shoulders as she refer to them as when she suddenly realize she was getting carried away in his hands she push him away slightly and move back this time careful not to fall again although she love wearing heel shoes she is not really good at wearing them for long without resting her legs

 Robin watch her for another long moment not caring if he was giving her the creeps or not, he felt enchanted staring at the beauty in front of him the moment she walked in and his eyes met her he felt like he has seen the woman he would spend the rest of his life with, it’s not just her beauty alone that got him falling for her but there is something about her that made him want to stare all day long without looking away, her sculpted face looks more attractive as he stares in pleasure the dimple on her left side cheek made her face perfect enough to enthralled him the dark hair plunged over her shoulders adding more to her beautiful features, he stare at her black eyes and narrow it down to her lips and his eyes settle down on them, seeing her lips it remind him of cherry unconsciously he lick his lower lips giving her a lustful look or its just how Gracie interpreted his gaze, seeing the look she was getting now she concluded he’s a pervert and she feel unsafe standing in the room with him, “what if he makes a move on her?” she thought she wasn’t sure if she was exaggerating the whole thing but she was sure this man in front of her has no good thought for her

Robin who was still unmindful of her thought and the impression he was giving the young lady in front of him continue with his stare focusing it more on her lips, they look irresistible and he couldn’t stop himself from desiring a taste of them “blossom soft lips” he thought to himself having a wide imagination still unconscious of the fact that he has been staring for more than fifteen minutes which is starting to get to her and the strange look he was giving her was starting to annoy her, but the question he asked her next made her lose her patience, Sam who couldn’t control his desire abruptly burst out the question “can I have a taste of your lips?” 
Gracie look at him totally shocked with her mouth agape she was lost for words to say, catching her changed countenance Sam realized he made a mistake which might lead her to misunderstand his intention he went back to take his seat breaking the gaze finally 
“Why are you here again?” he asked not sure 
“Am here for the final interview for the job…” she was cut short with a wave of his hand
“Gracie Miles” he said aloud taking in her name into his head 
“You can go now” he said dismissively 
Gracie stayed not making any attempt to leave since the pass minutes she been here he has not ask her any question regarding the interview she came for all he did was stare at her intensely like an hawk gazing at it prey 
“But you didn’t ask me anything regarding the interview I came for” she pointed out 
“I already did, you can leave now” he said again indifferently his eyes not looking up to her but fixed on the table, not knowing what else to do Gracie walk out of the office feeling angered she has just wasted her time standing in front of him for nothing while he enjoyed the pleasure of staring at her, he claim he already interviewed her she wondered if the stares was the interview he’s referring to because to her it’s more like a pervert making use of opportunity to carry out his act if she didn’t want to exaggerate she would claim his act as an harassment she thought with a hiss as she reach the outer part of the building, she walk down and got a cab almost immediately she got to the road 
“Why did he suddenly stop staring and refuse to look back at me?” moment ago he asked her an absurd question and then suddenly he walk back to his seat and refuse to have another glance at her till she left the office “is he playing with me?” she thought again feeling annoyed 
Maybe he was tired of looking or he sense she isn’t that type of girl who give themselves to people like him just to get employed but whatever one it is she was sure she won’t be call back again by the company that means out of her list of companies to work in TECH  is out of option.
When she got home Teresa was not around yet she has gone to work, she’s a teacher and also takes private tutoring with brunch of kids who are ready to pay her price, Teresa is quite the brainy one and she’s four years older than Gracie who turned twenty two last week since they started living together Teresa has been the one paying for most of the bills they spend for two years now she has moved in with Teresa during her final years in college and they’ve both being friends for four years now.
Gracie has hoped to get a good job very soon so as to contribute enough to their living but with the way things are going she might not get a job sooner she decide to eat something before starting another job hunt, she still have another interview next week and she hope it will bring a good result and not like the one at TECH.
After searching applying for more job interview she decided to take a rest and wait for Teresa to get back from work the house is always lonely without her, hours later she woke up and found out Teresa is still not back she check her time and it was past six in the evening she decide to go prepare dinner for the two of them while she await her arrival, forty minutes later she was done and at the same time the door unlock announcing Teresa’s arrival
“Am so tired” Teresa said dropping her bag on the sofa, she look towards Gracie who was just coming out of the kitchen still in an apron
“How was work today?” Gracie asked and went to peck her on both cheek
“the teenagers are getting more annoying every day I don’t why I agree to tutor teenagers, what was I thinking?”
“The money of course, tutoring teenagers bring a lot of money and stress” 
“Right the money, am just so tired” she said and rest her body on the sofa
“Why don’t you go change while I serve dinner” Gracie said pulling her up from the chair, without arguing with her Teresa pick up her bag and went into her room.
Minutes later she came out and Gracie was done serving dinner they both sat down to eat starting a conversation
“How was today’s interview? Any positive result?” Teresa asked
Gracie drop her fork and look eagerly at her making her also concentrate less on her food “today’s interview was the most weird interview I have ever gone to Teresa” she begin while Teresa look at her with curious eyes wondering what her friend meant
“Could you believe the interviewer refuse to ask me questions rather he keep staring at me till he ask me to leave”
“I don’t understand why was he staring? Did he say your dressing is too much?” Teresa asked 
“That’s what I thought at first but then it doesn’t look like he was staring at my dressing he was actually staring at me and the surprising part is the questions he asked me”
“What questions?” Teresa asked more curious
“He asked if I’ve got boyfriend and if he could kiss my lips and that’s when I conclude he must be a pervert” Gracie said and Teresa look at her doubtfully 
“What if he likes you? Did you think of that?” Teresa suggested
“That’s not it, he definitely is a pervert or a playboy who thinks his handsomeness who make any girls fall in love with him” she said with a scoff picking up her fork
“So he’s handsome” 
“That’s not the point here, the point is I might not get a job there not after what happen today” she said looking a bit sad
“I think you will” Teresa said and Gracie shrugged flippantly, they both finish dinner and chat for a long time before going to their rooms to rest for the day.
After three days, Gracie was in the kitchen trying the new chicken recipe while Teresa was busy with studying, since Teresa took care of their bills she has decided to take care of cooking and doing this for two years has made her a good chef.
Her cell phone rang and she call on to Teresa to help bring it to her since she left it with her in the living room, Teresa got the phone and place it near her ears since her hands was occupied 
“This is Grace Milles?” the voice asked
“Yes who am I speaking with?” she asked not recognizing the voice she heard
“Am calling from TECH Company, you passed the final interview” 
Gracie quickly drop what she was holding and wipe her hands with a napkin she grab the phone from Teresa “really? I passed?” she asked ecstatic at the news
“Congratulations, you are expect to begin work next week” 
“Thank you so much” Gracie said and cut the call, she let out a scream of joy, she jump on Teresa in a hug she was so happy
“Congratulations girl” Teresa said 
“I can’t believe I really got the job” she said elated
“But why did you think I got picked?” she suddenly ask her excitement down a bit
“What do you mean? They chose you because they felt you are the best for the job”
“Isn’t it a little bit strange? The interviewer didn’t interview me and I got the job, what if he did he decided to give the job because he harbors dirty thought about me?” Gracie asked looking serious which cause Teresa to laugh out loud at her thought
“Seriously Gracie you are thinking too much and if he truly has interest in you I don’t think it’s a bad thing, you could end up liking him”
“Never, I don’t do playboy, from what I saw about him during our first meeting am sure he’s no good news”
“Whether he’s good or not, the good thing is you now have a job” Teresa reminded and they both squeal in excitement.
It was the day for her to resume for work at TECH, Gracie make sure she prepared everything she might need on her first day of work wanting to make a good impression she put on a long white and black short gown and her heels she let her hair down with a purse to match she left home earlier than the supposed time, it would not be good for her to be late on her first day at work.
She got there on time and quickly join the group of people going in, she made her way to where newly recruit are asked to wait looking around the room they were about ten of them she join the others to wait for next instruction, soon enough one of the staff came in and they keep silent and look towards him, he look around the room for seconds before his eyes finally settled on Gracie
“Miss Gracie Miles” he called and Gracie move to meet him “please follow me” he said and exit the room, Gracie followed suit although she wonder why she was the only one called out she followed the man till they got to a door
“You can go in” he said and Gracie look at him confused
“Where is this place? Why am I the only going in?” 
“this is where you have your training” he replied and walk away, Gracie wanted to ask him why she would be having her training elsewhere when other new recruit are having theirs in another room but she decide to go in and see for herself, opening the door she saw about six people already inside waiting she wasn’t sure but they don’t seem like new employees they all sat down and face their business she quickly sat on the last seat and waited for so ever it is they are going to do with them.
Not long another man came in with a smile on his face he direct his attention to all, with a clap of hand he divert everyone’s attention to himself he introduce himself as the person in charge of their training after a brief introduction by everyone they were given a little package they were lectured on a lot of things they need to know and also shown to places in the company which is necessary for them to be, after a long time they were finally told to resume work officially the next day.
Everyone bid goodbye and leave Gracie also pick up her stuff and made to leave but got called back by their trainer named Mr. Waltz 
“you need to wait behind for more training” he said and Gracie look at him not sure she understand what he meant, she has been trained along with the others and now everyone was asked to leave except her
“Everyone already left why am I staying behind?”
“Your job is more demanding and you need a lot of training than the rest, trust me you really need the training” he said with a face Gracie stare still confused, why would being a marketer be so demanding that she only would have to stay for more training
“Why is my job more demanding than the rest?” she asked confused and curious
“Of course your work is really delicate, you are the Boss’s secretary after all there is more work for you to do” he answered
“CEO’s secretary?” she asked shock and Mr. Waltz nodded his head in affirmation
“But I didn’t apply for the position what I applied for what marketing department why would I be employed to be the CEO’s secretary” she said almost in a yell
“Am not sure about that but that is the information I was given and first you should meet the chairman before leaving” he said and continue outside with Gracie behind him they got to another office the same one she entered in the other day for an interview although she was sure it the same door she hope not to meet with him again.
Mr. Waltz knock on the door and open they both step in, Gracie observe the office it was the same one as last time, seeing on the chair with an irresistible look is the same guy who asked to kiss her lips the same guy she never thought she would see again at least not this soon.


Edited: 17.01.2021

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