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My sweet coffee

chapter 1

"Ok, I need two mochas, three frappuccinos, and a nice glass of kiss my ass!"A tall dark and beautiful woman said banging on the bell of the counter to a pale-skinned young man with a scowl on his face.
"Look I don't care how you feel about me but you can't talk like that in front of my customers Jenna!" he snaps.
She looks around the shop where customers are typing away on their laptops taking advantage of their free wifi.
"Yeah because we're more interesting than their laptops. This is Chestnut everyone is trying to either get their real jobs done or writing screenplays because Mike Adams is in town."Jenna answered rolling her eyes and placing the coffee cups on her tray and swirling too hard she knocks her long braided hair in his face.
At this cute little coffee shop, there's a story. Well two of them that are worth knowing. Sam Keith the owner of the cute little shop close to the woods.He and Jenna Davis his new waitress and barista. And though they'd never admit it their fights go past the coffee shop.
"Hey when is my cappuccino coming?" a customer wearing a dark hoodie and shades staring straight into his laptop asks.
"You ordered a frappuccino and those things aren't coffee. It is more sugar than anything else."
"What it gives me the energy to work on this screenplay it's due this week," he replies.
"Let me guess judging from your appearance and the sugar rush you get it's probably a sci-fi that is a love story. About a girl who dumped you for being broke and having no talent," she replied calmly and he got up and left."You could have stopped at frappuccino," Sam said as he rolled his eyes at her once she came back to the counter. They had the standard coffee machine that is used at Starbucks and had everyone's favorite toppings like whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and sprinkles. Apart from that, there were cakes and pastries displayed in a glass case behind the counter with the coffee and sample cookies on the counter.
"It's something we've both wanted to say for years. All this trash added is turning coffee into a sweet and it doesn't like that. It should be black and bitter that's the way it's supposed to be."She remarked. She lifts up her sleeve on her red T-shirt and it revealed a fresh tattoo of a turtle's head attached to a dragon's body.
"Do you have to show off? Just because I'm terrified of needles doesn't mean I won't get one one day a small signifi..."
Sam stops mid-sentence when she punches his shoulder."Relax you pussy this tat is fresh and sore. I wasn't trying to make you feel bad." she said calmly.
"Whatever I'm heading to the gym. Lock up when you are done," he said, puts his apron, and leaves the shop.
"Alright everyone I gotta close up. Mr. Scrooge is gone I need to go do fun things outside this job."Jenna announced to the cafe.
Everyone started putting money on the table and leaving the coffee shop.

Edited: 23.02.2021

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