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Welcome to the NØ Return universe!

NØ RETURN ebook and paperback now available on Amazon!
(copy+paste link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08YYD4GS3)

♥ Don't they look super cute? ♥


"A chicklit through and through, real, touching and featuring stunning characterization."

"A hooking, even addictive story."

"Compelling characters, a unique narrative."

"Chasing Avalanche songs seem custom-made for this story."


This story is a modern fairytale about love, distance, soul searching, challenges and fighting for your dreams, your feelings, what you love and stand for.
And all along, it's a story about music.
There are loads of music in here.
So I'm making a post in my blog with a complete playlist, with the most original title: NØ Return Playlist.

Everytime a significant song is mentioned, you'll find this banner at the end of a chapter:

It means you will find the link to a YouTube video under the name of the chapter when it pops up.
If you add the post to your library, you won't need to search it every time.

I used to have the lyrics in the story, but the copyright issue was why the story was taken down last year. I had included them because every song has something to say about the moment when it appears in the story, or about the characters. So I encourage you to check the playlist out and listen to them.

All NØ Return "original" songs do exist and the lyrics are still in the story.
They belong to Chasing Avalanche, a Californian band that released their only album, Without The Hour, back in 2010.
Not only do I love these songs dearly: they also fit the story like a glove, and show us parts of the main character that may not get much exposition.

I use them with the express knowledge and written authorization of Brandon Sammons, the songwriter.

The links to those songs will take you to lyric videos with poor quality sound.
That's on purpose.
Go check them out in Amazon or Spotify, enjoy them in high quality and show some love for these awesome pieces of rock art.


I will publish a couple of new chapters every day, Sundays included, always at the same hour.



I'm sorry about the way the characters curse nonstop.
I asked them to watch their manners, but they laughed out loud and kept cursing their butts off.

And without any further ado, let's get this show on the road!


MC Prelooker

Edited: 08.04.2021

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