Never Dare A Billionaire

Dare Or Die

Rayne’s POV


Oh my gosh! That’s Javier Gonzalez!”


My close friend Kim Lee clutched my arm and discreetly pointed at the hunk knocking back whiskey at the bar like he was just told it was about to run out.


Though his name was not familiar...For a moment I looked confused, and then turned my glance away from the broad back before we were caught staring.


“Javier who?” I eyed him skeptically, he looked way too good looking to be a billionaire. To be honest, how many hot billionaires did you know? Just off the top of your head? If we’re being honest, most rich guys were not man-candy.  If he was he probably made his billions as a model or an actor maybe? Or he was born into money. That could be it.


“Oh Ray you’re hopeless!” she groaned. “Javier is only the smartest, richest, and hottest Spanish billionaire to walk the planet. He’s intelligence adds to his appeal too. He has developed apps that have changed revolutionized the technical world. Hot, filthy-rich, and smart-oh yeas-recently single. What a combination! Pure genius!”  


“Oh wow,” I gazed at him with newfound admiration. “He doesn’t look it though…” my lips turned down in a frown. “He looks more like a GQ model.”



 “Doesn’t he just?!”  Her eyes went over him appreciatively and she smacked her lips. “Delicious!”


We had arrived in Rio that morning and didn’t waste time, exploring the city after dumping our bags in our respective, shared hotel rooms. After sightseeing we went back to our cheap motel to change and hit the town, ending up at a popular samba nightclub that was also a prime serious music venue, playing virtually every type of tunes imaginable.  Just then our two other friends came back from the restroom and slid onto their high stools.


“We just saw Javier Gonzalez!” Ava whispered excitedly. “Over there at the bar.”


“Be still my beating vajay-jay,” Sophia sighed, twirling a strand of hair around her finger.


All my other friends wore similar dreamy expressions as they swooned over the guy.


“It should be crime…” Ava said.


“He should come with a health warning…” Sophia added. “I think I might be in need of an asthma pump.”


“I don’t know if it’s true but I heard…” Kim slid closer to me and got ready to unleash the juicy gossip like she usually did. “His fiancée got knocked up by his young brother and he walked in on them incidentally…he was right on the nest or so to speak,” her eyes widened as she glanced around the table of the trendy club. Our other two friends Sophia and Ava gasped.




“True story chicas…”


We scrunched closer to her, trying to hear the conversation, and offered a word or two as well.


“It was on Entertainment Weekly and TMZ just yesterday,” she affirmed. “You can check it out on their page.”


“How do you know if he’s not the one that knocked up his wife?” I suddenly felt sorry for him. Poor guy. No one deserved to be played like that.


“There’s no way that could have happened. Get this…” Kim made sure she had our undivided attention before she dropped another juicy tidbit. “He’s impotent.”




“The fiancée told someone, who told someone, who told someone…” Kim sighed. “Breezy was right…these hoes aint loyal…” she said, shaking her head in dismay.


“Is that why he’s drowning his sorrows like there’s no tomorrow?” I mused, sliding a look of pity in his direction.


“I hope he gets really, really drunk so I can shimmy over there and let him take advantage of me…” Sophia, ever the flirt, was literally drooling over the man. “Or me him…works both ways,” she giggled, tipsy from all the cocktails she’d been sipping on all night.


“Hey!” Ava frowned at me. “Drink your cocktail!” she reprimanded me. “We’re all in this together.”


“I’m trying!” I whined, staring into the blue liquid in my glass. “It’s too strong and you guys know I’ve never tasted alcohol before tonight.” I was already feeling the effects of the concoction. I wasn’t a drinker not even a social one. My parents would have killed me.


“Let’s drink to that!” Sophia’s smile and raised her glass. “And tomorrow we are getting you a total makeover before the carnival on Saturday. Cheers!!”

Lee Taylor (caramelcherries)

Edited: 13.11.2020

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