Nice to meet you again

Chapter 1

Sonya just finished senior high school and she was over the moon. she woke up the next day after her final papers and her aunt has left for where she doesn't know so she is free to relax for a while.
she woke up at exactly 10'o clock. its been long since she slept that late. she took her phone from her desk and downloaded stuff another country x and the school she applied for there. after a while she drop her phone and entered the bathroom to ease herself. not long after she entered, she heard her aunt's voice.
"Sonya! come down this minute" Sonya's aunt, miss pat shouted from the living room. 
"am coming, am in the toilet" Sonya wondered what could be the problem for her aunt to be calling her again early in the morning. she quickly finished her business in the toilet and hurried downstairs to meet her. getting there she met  her aunt`s boyfriend and her cousin also in the living room. everyone turn 
heir attention to her as she enters. 
"good morning aunt what is it?" she asked knowing that whatever reason it is, is not going to be in her favor. Her cousin try to signal to her but she didn't get what he was trying to say. 
"you idiot!" her aunt moved closer to her to hit her but she was quick to dodge her. 
"aunt please calm down what's the issue?" Pat threw a note to her,
"how are you going to explain this?" Sonya opened the note and read the content. It was the note she gave to her aunt’s boyfriend to help her process her admission to country x. Sonya stood there lost of words on how to explain to her aunt. 
"I clearly told you that after you graduate from high school you should find a man to take care of you and pay your debts, but you are still thinking about going to the university and an international school at that. are you kidding me?" her aunt said angrily. Sonya stare at her aunt`s boyfriend who was sitting down quietly. 
“you said you will help me”. Sonya said to him. 
-+“i said i would help but i didn't say i wont tell your aunt about it and besides you are not ready to pay the price for it so i don’t see any reason to" Mr Joe said smirking at her. 
“you even made a deal with my man. If you want to seduce someone get your own man. That is how your stupid mother also gave birth to you, by seducing someone else husband. prostitute" her aunt said angrily. 
"Mom, that's a bit too much" Simon said to caution his mother. "What I can't even say that much after taking care of her for all this years and letting her live in my house, should I also be respectful to her" she snap at Simon and he kept quiet. 
"I don't care about anything. All I know is that after your final exams you are getting married. That's the only use of your face" she said facing Sonya.  
“am not getting married to anyone.” Sonya shouted at her and went upstairs. she lie down on her bed and her cousin walked in. “hey, are you crying?” he asked. 
“hey to you too” Sonya said sarcastically. 
“you know i cant say anything down there. especially when her boyfriend is there” 
“yeah right, so you decided to just sit down there to watch the show.” 
“No its not like that and you know it. but do you really want to study at country x?” Simon asked. 
“yes of course, why else do you think i would ask for that man`s help if i don’t. That stupid man” Sonya answered 
"i just think your ambition is too high. you have not succeeded in convincing her to let you further to the university not to talk about studying outside the country.” 
“That's exactly why i want to study outside the country so i can get away from her forever” 
“yeah, i get it. so what are you going to do now since you plan has been exposed” 
“i will suspend the plan to study outside the country for now and focus on furthering my education here”  
“you can come to my school then” 
“really? are you kidding me. i need to go where she wont easily have any access to me at all” she restored. 
“okay fine then do has you please but don’t forget our appointment later today and also she left with her boyfriend already, you can come downstairs” Simon told her and left the room.
Sonya lay down again after her cousin left and ruminated about her past. her life was better before when she was living with her parent. until that unfortunate day.
“Mom when is dad coming back home” Sonya said to her mom immediately she entered the house. 
“i have told you several time to always greet first whenever you come back from school” her mom scold her. 
“good day mom” she said reluctantly. 
“welcome how was school today?” her mom answered taking her bag from her. 
“fine, so when is dad coming back?” she asked again impatiently. “fine he should be back today or tomorrow okay, now go to your room and take off your clothes and come back for lunch” her mom said with a smile. yeah, she exclaimed happily and ran upstairs. after a while they were eating there was a knock on the door. 
“yes, who is it?” her mom said and stood up to open the door. a woman entered and looked at her mom with scorn. 
“so you are Sofia”  the strange woman said. 
“yes, and who are you?” Sofia asked.
“am the wife of the man you seduced.” she said looking at her with anger. 
“what do you mean by that?” Sofia asked puzzled by her words and attitude. she sat down elegantly and dip her hand inside her bag and showed some things to Sofia 
“Sonya” she called. “go upstairs and do your homework" she said and Sonya ran up immediately.   Some weeks after that, Sonya found out that the woman who came was her father`s wife and she has been married to her father long before her mother met her dad and she came to warn and inform them that her dad is no longer coming back and they should stay away from her dad. and since that day she never saw her dad again and things started falling apart for them. first she was withdrawn from her school to another school and she started living with her aunt.  Then, the day she was to graduate from grade school. her aunt came to her school and took her home in the middle of the ceremony and then she discovered her mom was died and that day was her burial.  [end of flashback]
Everything happened so suddenly and she does not have a clear memory of what happened except that. Since then Sonya has been trying to find out what caused her mom`s death and nobody wants to explain to her either and also why her dad has not contact her since then. she has always been on the look out for any information regarding her dad. and recently she found out that her father and his family lives in country x and that has been her reason for trying to apply there. She thought about what to do next then  she slept off.
Maxwell Hart, the only son of Hart and the heir to the Hart group of company. He just finished his masters. He has a younger sister and lot of girl running after him. He finished from the most eligible university and just arrive back to the country when he had the news of his father’s accident. Both his mom and sister were not around. Immediately he arrive at the airport, he made straight to the hospital.
Maxwell entered the hospital room where his father was admitted. He was so anxious and sacred. He met Kevin already at the hospital and learn from him  that both of their dad where involve in the accident. 
"You are here sir" the doctor in charge greeted him. Maxwell acknowledge his greetings and move closer to his father's side. He was in a really bad shape and also in a coma. 
"Doctor, how is he? What is his present condition? He asked with a panicking voice. 
"The surgery went well but he hit his  head during the accident which is our main point of concern, if he is able to put through tonight then there will a higher chance for him but if he suffers any crisis between the hours now and tomorrow then it's might be hard for him to wake up" the doctor explained in details. Max well's hand drop and he lose his balance and quickly sat down on the chair to support himself. 
"Am very sorry" the doctor said and place another doctor and two nurse to stay and watch over him. Maxwell sat down for a while and try to organize his thought. His mom and sister are on a vacation right now and he doesn't want to disturb them. Also the company is already going crazy about his father's condition. He raise his hand and touch his father's forehead then he walk out of the room and headed to where Kevin is. His father was still being operated on. They both waited eagerly and the entrance of the operation room. Then the doctor came out after sometimes.
"Kevin" he called and Kevin who was sitting with his head down raise his head and stood up quickly. Maxwell also move closer. "Am sorry, we lost him" doctor said and his father's body was wheel out. Kevin stood still without any reaction. 
"Kevin?" Maxwell called gently. Then he collapsed in his hands. 
Three days later Kevin's father was buried and Max well's father has regain consciousness. Kevin has to move in with them and also to stabilize the situation of the company, Maxwell has to take over the position of the CEO. 
Sonya woke up and stood up from her bed and headed downstairs. its been a few days since she took an exam to Simon's college and  she has nothing to do.. she headed to the fridge to get some water to drink and then suddenly water was poured on her from nowhere. she was shocked and even more surprised to see all her friends and Simon. 
Surprise!!! they shouted then Simon said, “happy birthday cousin” and hugged her. shit, she has forgotten all about her birthday. then one by one every start to greet her and give her their best wishes. “thank you” she replied each of them after greeting everyone, then just has she remember something, she dragged Simon to a corner. 
“where is aunt?” she said feeling tensed. 
“relax, she is not around and wont be back until next week" Simon replied. she sigh in relieve. 
“but what if she comes back all of a sudden and sees all this then i will be in trouble or what if she carries out her threat and marry me off because of this or she might even be.…” she said imagining the things her aunt might do to her. 
“calm down girl” Simon said cutting her off. “you think too much, and beside mom is not that wicked.why do you like thinking too far” 
“I know she is not that wicked but what if she carries out her threats one of this days” she replied back. 
“i know you have forgotten about your birthday again so i decided to throw you this surprise but it seems like you don’t like it” he said and made an unhappy face 
"my lovely cousin, of course I love the surprise. Just that  I have lots of things on my mind so... you know…” she said not knowing what excuse to give. 
“you forgot” Simon said complete her word.  “i know you’ve forgotten about it, that's why i plan a big gift for you" 
"really? What is it?" She said full of expectation.
"I arrange for you to celebrate your eighteenth birthday at country x” he said excitedly. 
“what? country x, are you serious? with what money?” Sonya asked not believing him. 
“calm down young lady, its no big deal.” he said and bought out two tickets and besides its just for two days. 
“yes!” she screamed and hugged him. “thank you thank you, i love you so much” she leap for joy at the sight of the ticket. 
“so you love me now.” Simon said smiling. 
“yes” she answered. "
You are the best. But seriously, how do you get the money for this” she said with a serious expression. 
“is that what is important right now or the fact that you will be making a visit to your dream country” he said. 
“of course its not, you know i love free things and money” 
“i know money lover, just go upstairs and change into something very nice and pack a few things and lets go and have some fun before our flight"  okay, she said and ran upstairs. after about an hour she came down dressed with a bag in her hand and they set out.
.... they arrived at the airport, and moved toward exit after receiving their bags. Sonya breathe in the air and look around admiring the surroundings. 
“this is not her dream country but with  what she is looking at she feels satisfied" she thought happily. 
“can we go if you are done looking” Simon said to get back her attention. 
“yes, but where are we staying?” 
“just follow me” he said and dragged her along with him. they arrived at a house and a lady opened the door. she hugged Simon and they enter the house. 
“this my cousin Sonya and Sonya meet Amy, my girlfriend” he introduced.
"nice to meet you and.. you are  beautiful” Amy said and hug her. “nice to meet you too and have heard a lot about you” she said and turn her head to Simon with a questioning look. 
“really?  hope is not something bad” Amy asked and glance at Simon. "not at all, mostly about how beautiful you are” she flattered and smiled at Amy.
"are you not going to invite us in properly?” Simon asked cutting in their conversation. 
"oh sorry my bad, come in. she said and guide them in to the living room. 
“Whoa! You have a lovely place” Sonya said and sat down on the couch. 
“thanks, so why don’t you go inside and freshen up first so we can grab something to eat, am sure you must be famished” 
“okay thanks" Sonya said and stood up with her bag. 
“here follow me” Amy said and lead the way for them. 
After taking a hot bath and changing her clothes, Sonya decided to check her phone to see if there is any message for her. as she was checking her phone, Simon rode in. 
“hey girl, are you done yet?” he asked. 
“yes i am, but first sit down lets talk” Simon sat down. 
“how and when do you get together with Amy and when do you guys start seeing each other?” she asked curiously. 
“really, anyone who saw the way you talked back then will think you already know her. i thought you said you've heard a lot about her” Simon answered her with another question. 
“this is not the time to answer question with question. answer me am serious” she said
“okay fine. we met each other back at school and we started dating but after sometimes she transferred back to her country, but we still keep in touch with each other” he explained. 
“so are you serious with her. she asked doubtfully. 
“yes i am. if am not i wont let you meet her” Simon said. 
“i hope so” she said and stood up from the bed. Simon wanted to say something else but decided to forgo it. 
“lets go, am famished” he said instead and they walked to the living room together. 
“you are done” Amy said to them as she continued to set the dishes on the table. 
“let me help” Sonya said and walked toward her. 
“Don’t bother, this is the last one. just sit down” she said and they all sat down to eat. after sometimes, Amy broke the silence. "Simon, about the party I told you, it is tomorrow and  the wedding is also tomorrow at 2 p.m so i plan to set out at 4 for the wedding and attend the other one later. But since you are here, why don’t you attend one for me” Simon looked up from his food. “am sorry what are you talking about?” he asked confused.. 
“are you joking with me? i just told you about this the day before yesterday” Amy said obviously not happy with the fact that he forgot about their discussion. 
“oh those online friends of yours” he said and try to remember the other details. 
“forget it i will just say it again, you always do that and am used to it” she said and try not to show her disappointment. 
“oh those couple that met online right?” he said as he remembers other details" 
“yes mister” Amy answered. 
“what are you guys talking about?” Sonya chipped in. 
“mind your business and continue eating" Simon cautioned her. “how can you talk to her like that?” Amy scold him and faced Sonya. 
"Since you are here, I will just use the opportunity to invite you to join my chat room" she said and drop her spoon to focus on what she has to say. 
"there is this one time your dear cousin broke up with him. So a friend introduced the app to me. It's like a game but it's a chatting game where you interact and meet with lots of people and also if you are looking for someone to talk to” Amy explain. 
“really? What is the name?” She asked interested. 
"The name is XXX. And the main theme of the game is that you won't know who you are talking to. But there is a thing, although is for those who are trying to start a relationship with each other but you can have someone as a private friend. All of your chats will be personal but apart from that all other chat is public for everyone in your chat room to see"
Amy was happy that someone is interested and happily continue to explain it to her. 
“if you want to join you can create an account for yourself now and also your dear cousin..."she was interrupted by Simon 
“that is okay no need to say further” Simon cuts in. 
“Why? You don't want me to know that you are playing a game like that” Sonya said and laugh at him. 
“so are you coming with me or not” Amy said going back to the main issue. after Sonya`s laughter die down. 
“i don’t think i will be able to i have something to do before we leave next tomorrow and i don’t know how long it will take” he explained. 
“so, you are not coming?” she asked and he nodded his head and make an apology expression with his face. 
“i will go with Sonya then” Amy said as a matter of finality. 
“yes i will go i love attending weddings.” she said excitedly. then its a deal. Simon wanted to protest but seeing Sonya’s happy face he decided to keep quiet. Since he didn't say anything they begin to make plans and also Sonya downloaded the app to join also.
After resting for a while, they went  sightseeing and visited a lot of interesting places and came back early in the morning. 
“i am so tired” Amy complained. 
“i keep telling the both of you that we’ve had enough but you both insist on visiting more place and spending more than the money we planned for” Simon said displeased and sat down. 
“so are you complaining or what?” Sonya said and they both looked at him. 
“eh, why are you people giving me that face? okay, am not complaining i was just saying” he said and surrender to them. “better"  they both said at the same time and looked away from him. 
“Sonya, about the party, we are going to set out by four p.m.” Amy informed. 
“are we not going to miss the real ceremony like that?.” 
“yes we are just attending the wedding reception” Amy answered. 
“okay but i don’t think i have something fitting to wear” Sonya said as she recollect that she only bought causal clothes. 
“no problem i think i have what you can wear” she reply. 
“wait guys, I haven't given you permission to go anywhere yet and the other party ends at 10:30 pm” Simon said obviously not in support of their plan. 
“and no one is asking for it. Sonya go and rest” Amy said ignoring him. “okay sister in law” Sonya said and went inside.
....“Amy, i think this dress is too extravagant for this. its just a wedding, there is really no reason to dress to kill” Sonya complained after trying on the dress Amy gave her to wear. It was a  short backless red gown. 
“its not, everyone is going to dress to impress, i heard the both of them are not ordinary people. and i don’t want anyone to look down on you” Amy said and drag her to sit at the front of the mirror. 
“and moreover you are just eighteen, this is the time for you to show off your beauty and explore" she continued. 
“okay fine” she said giving in to her. "but we have to come back on time, Simon wont let me stay out for long” 
“i know that” she answered and continue with her make up. 
"So do you finish setting up your account and username?" Amy asked as she make her hair. 
"Yes" she simply reply. 
“since Simon is so strict with her getting a boyfriend, then she can possibly get one through the app and also be like the couple getting married today” she thought to herself and chuckled at the crazy thought. 
“what do you use as your username?”  
"Bitch boss" she answered. “what kind of a username is that?” Amy said not please with her choice. 
“am going to use that. its what i like.” 
“fine its your choice” she said and finish touching her make up.
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