Not a "Love" Story

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Chapter One


"Shut. Up. Chris." I lift the covers over my head as I block the sunlight from my face and also the noise that's coming out of Chris' mouth. It's about eight in the morning and of course, Chris, my roommate, and best friend, just barges into my room as if he owns it. He comes into my room every day, every morning at this shitty time just so I could go to school.

Lucky for him, I don't even go to school. Okay, okay, yeah, I'm on campus and basically am already in College, and this is my second year, but somehow I don't give a fuck about it. Last year I did so amazingly in all of my courses, that I just don't know what happened. Not one clue.

"You idiot. Get up." He throws a pillow at my head and I flick him the middle finger.

"No. It's Monday and I don't want to get up." Chris groans and I continue to fall asleep.

"You idiot, it's Friday. You're so dumb that you don't even know what day it is of the week? Get up before I kick your little ass." I don't even move and I'm praying that Chris is gonna leave any second now so I can actually sleep without him yelling in my damn room.

"So that's that huh? Oh my god Carter, if you don't wake up any second now, I'm going to do something that you're going to regret not waking up."

"Do it. I don't give a fuck." It's the middle of summer and I'm boiling in here but I'm not going to lift up my covers to prove Chris that I'm going to school or anything. That boy can leave and study the hell he wants in his classes. I don't care.

As I am about to close my eyes, something alerts me. Ice cold water is splashed onto me, my sheets, my head, and also my whole bed. In seconds I jump up and tear the covers off of me, staring right at Chris with an angry expression. 

My sheets are now soaking wet, my hair is now drenched in cold water and I shiver as I shake my head like a dog, meanwhile, Chirs decides to laugh his head off. He laughs as if he thinks this sort of action he did is the funniest thing in the world, yet I'm over here drenched in water and imagining what would happen if I pulled his eyeballs out.

"You little bitch. If you think that's going to make me go to school, you're wrong. I'm going back to bed." I grab the sheets but then throw them on the floor since they're now soaked. Frustrated I run my fingers through my hair yet groan as I now feel my whole hand become wet from doing that. 

"Fine then. Go back to bed. How are you going to sleep with wet boxers though?" I lift my eyebrow at him, confused as to what he means by that. 

"My boxers are dry you idiot. What the hell are you talking abo--" He then pours the bucket of leftover water onto my boxers, making me now, fully wet.


"Now they're not," He says, which I growl, taking a step closer to choke the air out of him, yet just by moving my leg, I feel how uncomfortable this feels. Also, I'm making my floor wet as well. It's

as if I was wearing a diaper! And... now I gotta wipe the floor.

Wipe the floor with his fucking hair though.

"Asshole!" I yell, about to jump onto him yet he runs out of my room, making me of course, slip onto my bedroom floor because of the water.

"Chris," I mutter angrily, slowly standing up, but then quickly run out of my room before I slip again, chasing him downstairs, all the way to the kitchen. I stop as I see him on the other side of the kitchen island, and I know for sure that what he is doing now, is smart. He knows that I can snap his neck in just a second, and so I congratulate him on that.

Chris ain't dumb, that's the thing. But I ain't either.

"I'm going to get you, Chris. I'm going to get you good," I tell him furiously, yet he waves me off with a laugh.  

"Good luck trying to kill me, Carter. I'm invincible." If he says so. With a shrug, I crack my neck and Chris cracks his knuckles. "Game on," I mouth, watching as he winks, yet then quickly runs out of the kitchen to the living room, but, as I said, I'm quicker.

Like a little deer, I'm the lion, and right now, he's my fucking lunch.

"Chris!" I shout, running after him, yet slowly stop as I see him getting closer to the pool table. My pool table.

I swear to god if he breaks the pool table, I'm going to kick him out of my damn house.

"Don't you dare," I slowly tell him, watching as he casually walks over to the table, glancing at the balls and picking one up.

"Hey Carter," he smirks, throwing the ball up and down as if it were a toy. "Catch." My eyes widen, seeing as he now throws the ball towards me, which I quickly catch it before it falls onto the ground. 

"Chris... I swear to god if you throw one more, you're dead." He shrugs, grabbing another ball without even taking my words seriously. 

"I guess I should start planning my funeral then," He says, throwing the ball with a force that almost hits me in the face. Thankful that I have fast reflexes, I catch the ball right away as it hits me, which would not end up good for him and also me. I hold the ball with relief and throw it back onto the pool table, right where it belongs. 


"Yes?" he responds. 

"You better," I say, running towards him and quickly like the lion I am, I jump on him with a punch. I land a punch right on his face, watching as he now starts protecting himself with his arms. Not even paying attention, I almost punch him right in the stomach, yet shockingly, he punches me right in the nose, which I swear I heard a crack.

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