Not All Roses Are Red


“We've come here today. To honor union of two hearts…” the priest said. Besides him, There was a tall man. Standing 6’3" tall, this fair skinned man has an aggressive and handsome feel about him.
He has a square face with Black undercut shaggy hair that reveals a handsome , time-worn face. Smart sapphire eyes, set perfectly within their sockets.
A large beard gorgeously compliments his mouth and leaves a heart-breaking memory of his luck in love. This is the face of Joel Dallin, he stands gracefully among others, despite his bulky frame
He has piercings in three places: both eyebrows, his left earlobe.
Scar reaching from the left side of the forehead , running across the nose and ending on his right cheekbone leaves a pleasant memory of his bad boy days.
This is the face of Joel Dallin. He stands alluringly among others, despite his sturdy frame.

“… In love.” The priest continued. Joel smiled at his wife to be. She smiled back. This fair skinned woman has a disinterested feel about her.

She has a triangular face with a softly shaped jaw, a straight nose, and narrow lips. Her dark brown eyes are round and she has thick eyebrows.

She has light brown hair which is straight.

She has long arms and slender hands, a long torso, straight hips, long legs, and average-sized feet. This is Sarah Hanson. Soon to be Sarah Dallin.

“Before I pronounce you husband and wi…” Before the priest could continue the door opened wide open. 
A woman in black walked in and stood next to the door. 
Standing 5' 9" tall, this brown skinned woman has a stubborn feel about her.

She has a long face with a rounded jaw, a bulbous nose, and large lips. Black shaggy hair slightly covers a lean, the most beautiful face ever face. 

Bloodshot grey eyes, set deep within their sockets, watch guardedly over the couple they've grown hatred for so long.

She has toned arms, a long torso, a smaller-than-average waist, toned legs.

The is the face of Monica McKeon. She walked down the aisle.

“Oh me? Don't mind me,” She said without hesitation as she walked to the row before  and sat down. People were focused on her.
Who dares to wear black on a wedding?
“Well… before I pronounce you husband and wife… I have a question for you. Do you Sarah Hanson, take Joel Dallin as your lawfully wedded husband, to love and hold till death do you apart?” The priest asked.

“I do!” Sarah said with a lot of enthusiasm. People applauded.

“Do you Joel Dallin take Sarah Hanson as your lawfully wedded wife, to love and hold till death do you apart?”

“I do,” Joel said in a deep voice making people to applaud.
“Should anyone present know of any reason that this couple should not be joined in holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace.” 

“Well… ahem!” Monica cleared her throat, standing up. “I OBJECT!!” Everyone was shocked.

“Our beautiful Sarah here… doesn't love Joel. If she did she wouldn't go behind his back and have an affair with his ex business partner,” shamelessly walking down the aisle.

“What?” not only did Joel ask but everyone else did.

“Baby… don't listen to her!!” Sarah tried to touch Joel while he backed away.
“…Oh yeah… and she also made out with that man… what's his name? Oh yeah bingo… Eric Krauthammer. She's the one who told Eric to resign and work for your ex business partner.” Monica added with no shame.

“Babe! She's lying! Can't you see she's lying?” Sarah yelled.

“No I'm not. I have pictures too. Too bad you were naked and I can't just betray one of gender like that?” Silly Monica you already betrayed Sarah.
You're probably wondering who the hell is Monica McKeon and why is she destroying such a beautiful wedding? Let's take you to the start.


“Mail delivery!” A letter slided into the room from the door.
Monica McKeon sighed as she looked at the letter.

“God give me one reason why I should open this letter?!” she picked the letter and put it in her bag. 

“Maybe it's good news. Either way. I have to meet Jayla at The Club.” She took the bag along with her letter and she walked out and went to the club few blocks from her apartment.

From the outside it looks uncomfortable, dull and horrible. Sandstone bricks and well-crafted wooden beams make up most of the building's outer structure.
It's difficult to see through the small, curtained windows, but the lack of joy from within can be felt outside.

As The gorgeous Monica enters the tavern through the heavy, wooden door, she’s welcomed by a layer of smoke hanging below the ceiling and a coldness.
The bartender is trying to catch a spider and makes no effort to acknowledge her presence .

It's as somber inside as it is on the outside. Squared, stone beams support the upper floor and the huge, dusty lamps attached to them. The walls are completely empty, only covered in a layer of fatty grime.

The tavern itself is almost completely abandoned. The few people inside appear to be dangerous in way or another, but whoever they are, they give them  an uncomfortable feeling of dread.

“So the rumours are true huh?” Monica sat on the bar seat next to Jayla.

“You did hear rumours about this tavern, supposedly it's famous for something, but for the life of you can't remember what for. Though judging by everything you've seen so far, you don't really care and you probably don't want to know…Blah blah. Let's go have fun!” 

“No. We have to talk.”

“Oh baby! I missed you too.” 

“Jayla. I never said I missed you.”

“Oh that's sweet but don't worry I'm back to stay.”

“I like your sarcasm.”

“Well I like your stubbornness. So do you guys still eat ice cream here?”

“You're not funny.”

“I wasn't trying to be funny. Besides… why you giving me the cold shoulder? I didn't do anything wrong. I just invited you for a drink.”

PS Shibambu

Edited: 11.01.2022

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