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Bella entered into her room taking slow steps as she was tired as hell. She didn't bother to change her clothes or on the lights. She threw her bag on the floor and went to the bed. Suddenly she was feeling weird as if someone was watching her. She thought that maybe it was her imagination as she had been working a lot these days. Today was a blessing for her as the meeting was canceled because of the cloudy weather and so all the staff left early. But her imagination turned into reality when she saw a male figure sitting on her couch in the dark. She abruptly stood up and yelled, "Who are you and what are you doing in my room?"


The figure moved and took long steps to her eating their distance, "Well, I must say. Your voice feels lovely when you are angry."


She froze in her place as she knew who he was. She muttered, "Why are you here?"


He took her wrist suddenly. She could feel his anger as his pressure on her was increasing. He said, "Don't you know why I am here? After what you did how can I leave you alone?"The distant thundering of clouds could be heard and with the help of flashing of lightning his angry face was seen by her. His golden orbs were infuriating with anger and there was an evil look on his face and a playful smirk on his lips.


She was scared. She somehow managed to get rid of his hold and ran to the garden. Out of the blue, it began to rain heavily. The droplets were wetting her and she was shivering because of the cold wind. She thought to call Blake but she realized that her phone was in her bag.

Her world of dream broke when he held her waist firmly while turning her. She yelled at him saying, "Let me go, you bastard".She was punching hard on his hard chest. His firm muscles were revealed through his white shirt because of the rain. Small drops were falling from his sharp jawline making him more intimidating. She was lost in his golden orbs.

"How can I? First you betrayed me, then divorced and left me without saying anything. And now you are seeing someone. How can I spare you? You have awakened the beast, my darling".She saw wickedness in his face before blacking out.





Bella Andrew

Edited: 13.05.2021

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