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Official Affair

Chapter one

I had just returned from an interview I'd gone for and my mom wouldn't stop calling me. I didn't answer her calls because I knew what her usual questions would be. Did you get the job. Oh no you didn't again. I told you, you are too quiet Chelsea. You have to say something to get what you want. I rolled my eyes, I was tired and really hungry and definitely didn't need my mother's lectures again. The door bell rang. That must be Amanda, I must have left the key on the key hole since she had a key too. Hold on am coming. I opened the door and smiled at my best friend. Oh come give me a hug honey,you look exhausted I said as I hugged her. You don't know the other part of it Chel, today was something else. Good thing you came on time, I prepared some cup cakes, would you like some. Of course Chel ,you know how much I love your cup cakes. Hmm this is yummy, Amanda said as she took a deep breath and swallowed. So tell me how was the interview, I'm sure you did great. I hope so Mandy I really need the extra cash you know and mom would not stop calling. Don't worry Chelsea I know you will get the job, you're far too smart not to get it,she winked and I smiled thank you Mandy, anytime Chel.
Amanda has been my childhood bestie. We'd met at secondary school. I was sitting all alone and trying to figure out my assignment.
Hi. she had said, my name's Amanda Desmond but you can call me Mandy,whats yours! My name is Chelsea Adams, you can call me Chel,i smiled. I like Chel, she smiled, can we be friends. And that was how we became inseparable,she was the sister I never had. She was the outgoing and funny one and I,was the quiet rational one, I rarely went out or left my books, so she was the one who dragged me out and kept me up to date with social events. She's probably the only person who understands me apart from my only brother Kristian. We'd just graduated from the university and had rented an apartment together. I didn't want to stay home with my mom, I would have to put up with her constant blabbering and talks about getting a boyfriend, planning to settle down. For goodness sake am twenty two. There's more than enough time to get a boyfriend but she'll never listen. 
Hey Chel Dian is having a party tomorrow night and I  was invited. OK good for you then,i said,

 I told her we were coming together so you should get ready to party tomorrow girl. Mandy you know I....

 Yeah Chelsea I know you don't like parties and partying and wearing really nice and sexy dresses and I know for sure you don't like men checking you out but I don't care Chel, you're coming with me and that's final. 

Mandy, come on now......... 

I've told you already get ready, we're going shopping tomorrow because you haven't done that in a long time. Amanda we just went shopping a week ago, what would you possibly want to buy and besides I don't have the money for that. 

I knew you'd say that, don't worry I got money from Daddy so you have no excuse. Yep I was screwed because there was no way I was going to talk Amanda out of this if she already got money from her dad. Her dad was a business man, he wasn't overly rich but he did have money. Chel you know I won't take no for an answer.

Yeah I know there's no saying no to you, how did I even meet you,i put my hand under my chin as I pretended to be in  thought

 will you stop that look, you look silly, hahahahha, we both laughed. You know I love you Chel, of course I know and I love you too.


I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing,i wonder who would be calling me this early. I still didn't move from bed, I just hope it wasn't mom I really didn't want to talk to her at least not this early. 
Chelsea will you pick up your damn phone,its causing noise pollution in here. I raised my head and found Amanda sitting at the sofa, wait a minute I must be dreaming right. Amanda awake already by 6am.

Oh my gosh where are you off to Mandy,you never wake up by this time.

Chelsea pick up the phone I beg you. 
Hello, I received the phone, Hi good morning, am Vanessa from Harry's fashion collection and I'm calling you in regard to the interview we had yesterday. I'm sorry to say we already hired a designer.
Oh I exclaimed, I was disappointed. I was really hoping to get this job, Amanda noticed the look on my face and came to sit beside me.
what happened she whispered I gestured with my hand for her to hold on. You are miss Chelsea right, Vanessa asked. 
Yes I am.
Well there is another position. The personal assistant to the managing director just had an emergency call and won't be available for a long time, my boss asked me to pick someone competent from the applicants who applied and you came to mind.
Would you be willing to work as the personal assistant to the managing director?
Personal assistant!i looked at Amanda and mouthed I don't think I want that.
Are you out of your damn mind? Amanda whispered. 
Hand me the phone, she snatched it out of my hands before I could object. I stared in disbelief as she said in my voice.
Of course I'll take the job. when am I to start, next week? Sure next week is perfect. OK thank you so much, bye. 
Amanda why did you do that.
How could you even want to reject that job Chel, you needed a job remember. 
Yes I know I needed a job but not this kind that requires wearing heels and pearls, recording and planning stuffs and all, Am a designer Mandy.
I know Chel, she sat closer to me but you can learn and adapt. You are good at learning new things and I'm sure you can pull this off, I know you can, just try OK. 
OK, I can't say no anywhere you already told her yes but you know I don't have office dresses.
That's not a problem Chel you know I got you covered. Haha, yeah I know and by the way why are you awake so early today I asked. 
Oh I even forgot I was supposed to make a video call to Jason.
Oh I see so it's this new guy that's now making you go gaga I teased 
You know I hate that word Chel 
Ouch did u just prick me I asked, yes and I'll do it again if you say another word.

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