One sided love story

Chapter 1

Once there was a girl named sruti who just think about her family,her friends and about her future -about her career. She was as simple as we, she always tried to think about that she have to be perfect by everything. So she was working hard on her future, on her career. 


          She was very ambitious about her future. She was about to make a big step towards her bright future. She was pretty prepared about it.  


      But deep down inside her, somewhere she was waiting for her mr. Perfect. She dreamed about her mr. Perfect to came in her life as soon as possible. But she never told anyone about her biggest wish ever neither herself. She always pretended that she wants no one, she is good being single. But deep down She always tried to find her mr. Perfect among all the people without showing anyone. Even she don't know that she was eagerly waiting for her first love. 

     By the time, she had informed that a new boy was about to join her in her job. She grew very excited about him without knowing the reason. The next day, he was about to make his first day in job. That day she was a bit late so she hurriedly came to her desk and started to work. Without noticing the next desk. 


        When she finished her work she noticed him and without any reason she grew anxious. A moment later she asked his name. He told his name is raj and she was a bit of shocked listening his name 'cause it was the name what she thought for his and somewhere she was expecting that. And then she introduced herself and he replied that he liked that name since he was a child.  


     She don't why but she was impressed by that strange boy in a first meeting , it was first time in her life where she was really impressed by the cheap tactics of a boy, that she knew very well. But she didn't give importance to that and returned in her daily routine. 


       When she was about leave for home she found that the boy's destination was also in her way. So she allowed him to accompanied her 'cause she was alone like every day. In her way she found that he has all qualities as her imaginative boyfriend has. And was also able to laugh in his silly jokes. Which she never experienced. That was a new experience for her and without knowing she make a wish to be like that all her life. 


         She started small chats and laugh with a boy she just meet three days. And for the first in her life she allowed a guy to hold her hands , even though it was a accidental touch. But it was first time for her that a guy holds her hand whom she knew just for one day. The all experiences were new for her and  she started to liking that experience. Tried to spend some more time with him 'cause she love those moments that she spends with him.


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