Painting Dreams

Chapter One

The Arts Club

Aly stared at the bold words that was hanging above the booth beside the food stall where she currently is. Her eyes fell unto the decorations hanging around the small tent. She's not the only student who's staring at the booth.

Even though there are only a few students visiting the club's place, a lot of people are stopping to look at their booth. Out of all the stalls and booths that are placed in the field, the booth of Arts Club really stand out the most. Their tent screams creativity.

Aly was brought back on her senses when someone nudged her. 

"Their booth is really pretty, right? You could really see that it's made by the art students." Her friend commented and handed her drink. She didn't noticed that Olive got their ordered drinks already. She took the drink from her friend and took a sip from it while nodding.

Their booth is indeed gorgeous. Aside from the attractive decorations, the works of the members who are on display are really catching some attentions.

A mini exhibit for their works from sketches to paintings and photography. In front of the tent a sign that says 'accepting comissions for poems and drawings' was placed on the table. But what really caught Aly's attention is the flyer that's under the comission sign that says 'member recruitment.'

She could feel her stomach flipping at the thought of entering the club but it suddenly disappeared when she thought that she had no talent to showcase for them to accept her.

Olivia noticed the look on Aly's face as her friend stared at the table of the Arts Club. She smiled and put her hand on Aly's shoulder.

"Wanna join?" Olive asked. Aly looked at her with a small smile and shook her head.

"No. The booth is just pretty that's all."

"You sure? I bet you really want to join."

Aly just laughed. She's really interested on trying to join on the club but she's having second thoughts.

Olive knew what her friend wants but scared to take a risk. She smiled at looked at the booth in front of them.

"If you'll join, I'll join." Olive offered. Aly raised an eyebrow. Is she really going to do that?

"You could just join without me you know." Aly laughed, "you're a writer. I know you could get in." She added. Olive playfully glared at her and pouted. "You have talent! You don't want to try?"

Aly shooked her head and looked away, "I don't do it anymore." She said.

Olive smiled softly at her. A sad smile. They've been friends for a year and she knew the reason why Aly stopped painting. Even if she wanted to help her friend so that she could go back on painting, she respects her decision and doesn't force her.

But standing in front of the booth, Olive could see the sparkle on her friend's eyes. Maybe, just maybe, this would be a start— the first step to bring back Aly to what she used to love.

"You know," Olive sighed, "I really wanted to join the Arts Club sjnce last uear but I'm shy since I don't know anyone there." Olive pouted and stared at the recruitment poster. Aly looked at her and bit her lip to prevent herself from laughing. Olive really doesn't know how to lie and act natural about it. She knows that her friend wants her to join the club with her.

She was about to say something when a hand holding a piece of paper welcomed her sight. A poster of the Arts Club recruiting for members.

She looked at the paper in surprise before transfering her eyes on the person who's holding it. Olive and her stared at the man in front of them. His soft curly hair was almost covering his eyes and he was offering them a friendly smile. Her head tilted a little bit upwards since the guy was taller than them. She's confused of what was happening until the guy spoke.

"Hey. Do you guys wanna join the Arts Club?" He asked with a smile.

Her heart raced when she heard his question. Is this a sign? Would she take the opportunity and join?


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