Pandora Daora

Pandora Daora - 1

It was almost the time of the year most people loved because of the vacation and the adventures that followed it. Every student in grade eleven was busy making big plans for their summer vacation, but Eston and Chichi. 

Eston was privileged to sit at the end of the classroom close to the window, where he could easily have access to the chill breeze whenever he felt he needed it, and glance at Chichi, who sat at the other end in the room close to the exit, without her noticing him.

He stared at her for what seemed like forever but still couldn't help himself but admire her luminous brown skin and how ravishing she was even with her alluring ocean blue eyes closed. He moved his attention from her oval face to her heart shaped pink lips, up to her pointy nose, and finally to her ears that were covered by her headphones. He adored the fact that she was a music lover too. 

For a moment, all he could see was her dancing beautifully and all he could hear was her melodious voice, but while he hoped his fantasy wouldn't come to an end, he saw his friends through the window walking into the classroom. Without thinking, he quickly grabbed a book that was lying on his desk and covered his face with it as if reading. 

"Hey, checking out Chichi again?" Daniel asked, standing in front of Eston.

"Hey, guys, didn't see you there. You know, I was totally reading," Eston flushed, moving his book away from his face. 

"Yeah, right, we ain't buying that." Leonardo sniggered and Eston slightly blushed. "Bro, when are you going stop being shy and just ask her out? She might say yes."

"You've been admiring her since she walked in that door and just so you know, that was three weeks ago," Daniel added.

"Wow, really?" Eston wondered. 

"Yep," Leonardo paused and stole a glance at Chichi, "she is gorgeous and I wonder why Charlie hasn't asked her out yet." 

Eston frowned at the mention of Charlie, and his friends who understood his relationship with Charlie weren't bothered and continued. 

"Damn, if Charlie is to ask her out she would definitely accept him. Like, that guy is smart, funny and I think he has been with every girl in grade eleven and most in grade twelve, right?" Daniel referred to Leonardo who nodded and was about responding when Eston's voice cut him off. 

"Can you guys stop? Maybe he is a changed man now and he really likes Angela." 

Daniel and Leonardo burst into laughter.

"You think?" Daniel asked. "Eston, they are fighting now. Who knows if he'd want to make her jealous by hanging out with Chichi?" 

Eston sighed and lowered his head in defeat. 

"Bro, chill out." Leonardo placed his palm on Eston's shoulder. "Tonight's game night, you could invite her over, you know?"

"I would, but I heard that girls don't like being invited to anything at the last minute." 

"Maybe, but if you don't give it a try you would never truly know," Leonardo added.

Eston smiled and stood up, ready to get out of his shell and talk to Chichi. But when he looked at her seat, it was empty and through the window he saw her walking away. 

"She's leaving," Eston pointed out. 

"Even better. Go talk to her alone, away from these prying eyes," Daniel said, referring to their classmates. 

Eston took the advice and walked to the exit but stopped when he saw Charlie walking side by side with her. His friends noticed he was stalling and walked over to boost his confidence but only to see what he saw.

"Let's go play football. There'll always be a second time, buddy," Leonardo tried cheering him up. He faked a smile and they all walked towards the opposite direction she went. 

Chichi soon started feeling uncomfortable walking side by side with Charlie in silence. 

"What is it, Char?" 

"Damn, you even have a diminutive of my name that only you call me?"

"Er… What exactly do you want?" 

"Milady is curious, huh?" He chuckled waiting for an answer but Chichi kept walking slowly with her eyes focused on the hallway. "Okay, I'll take that as a yes. I want YOU, Chichi."

"I am very much not interested, thank you."

"What?" Charlie asked, trying to understand the fact that he just got rejected. 

"You heard me loud and clear. I am not and will never be interested." She increased her pace, leaving Charlie behind while he watched her move her petite body. 

Without any warning, he rushed towards her, grabbed her hand and pushed her into the sports hall, shutting the door behind him. He walked towards Chichi who was boiling mad.

For the first time since she was transferred to Dan' Osis High School, she was staring at someone and was starting to actually notice how tall, manly and handsome he was with his blonde shiny shoulder length hair. 

"I'll ask you one last time, what do you really want from me, Charlie?"

"Before I wanted you, Chichi, but now I want to beat you until you make the right choice." 

She sniggered, as she watched him walk towards her in a threatening manner. Before he could make any move, she had taken off her backpack and smashed it across his face. He fell back with his palm on his face.

"Are you crazy?!" he roared. "What the hell is in that damn backpack of yours?!"

She stood there glaring at him with passion, waiting for him to make his next wrong move, but he moved towards her too quickly before she could react and aggressively pulled her backpack from her hands and retreated. 

"Let me have my backpack at once, you big bad, nasty bully!" she cried. 

Eston, who happened to be heading to the sports hall to get a football, heard her voice and he quickly increased his pace. 

Back in the hall, Charlie paid no attention to Chichi and opened the zip of her backpack, expecting to find something heavy but all he saw were notebooks. He frowned and threw her backpack in the air, allowing everything to fall out and scatter all over the place. 

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