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Picked up By a Billionaire


" What is this?" Elena read the letter left in her desk as soon as she wake up.

[ Elena, 
       Let's break up. I have to go somewhere don't look for me.



" Ahahahaha ( this as*hole)" Elena laughs sarcastically as she saw the letter left by his boyfriend. She sighs long, crumpled the paper and take her bath.


Elena went to school where she teach basic education after she left her apartment. It was a private school for kids whose parents earn a lot of money. She silently walks inside the gate of the school when her co-teacher runs toward her with a panic look on her face.


" Elena, what happen? The president and principal is looking for you." Jane her co-teacher and a friend said 


" I don't know. I'll go to his office right away" Elena replied and she went off to the principal's office.
Elena knocks and open the door where she saw a awful ambiance. The principal and president was there sitting in the chair with cold and serious face also, her pupil with scratches on his arm and face together with his father.


" Good morning, they said that you are looking for me? Is there anything that I can help you with?" Elena calmly asked


" So this is the teacher huh?" Mr. Roque said,  the parent of Jason who is Elena's pupil


" Mr. Roque may I ask you what is your concern?" Elena ask


" As you can see Ms. Gracia, hmm.. Mr. Roque wants to complain on how you treat his son. I never imagined you doing those kind of things to your pupils. I am really disappointed." Mr. Claveria said, the principal of the school. Mr. Claveria who is in his mid forties, tanned skin and  mustache.


" Sir, I don't know what you are talking about" Elena replied 


" You don't know?! After putting this scratches, yelling and shaming my son in front of the other kids?!" Mr. Roque said in a firm and loud voice


" I don't give those scratches, I never yell to him... I may sometimes raise my voice a little but I never yell. The thing you said shaming Jason, I think it's not what you should called it. Your son is sleep...." Elena explains but was interrupted in the middle of her explanation by the President of the school.


Mr. Rivera, the president of the school. He is in his mid thirties, tall and well built but always have those cold and uninterested eyes. He stand up and looked at Elena, " You are fired"


" What?" Elena ask for confirmation


" I said I am firing you." Mr. Rivera coldly replied


" You can't... Mr. Rivera you don't have any evidence I inflict those wounds on him. You can't do this without hearing or even knowing the truth." Elena said looking straightly in the eyes of Mr. Rivera


Mr. Rivera who was shocked on Elena's action smirks and said in a calm yet cold voice, " You are nothing, so when I said I want to fire you Ms. Ariana I will fire you"


" Fine" Elena said, she turn her back on them slowly taking her leave but stops. Elena takes a deep breath walks in rushed towards Mr. Rivera and punch him hard in his face.


" It's Ms. Elena Gracia, you fuc*er" Elena said and left them alone by slamming the door.


Elena decided to leve the school when Jane grabbed her arms and looked at her with worried eyes.
" Sigh, don't look at me like that. I am fine besides looking for another work is easy. " Elena said to her 


" They can't do that to you. Did you explain yourself to them? " Jane asked


" I am really fine. I have to go. ( I need to calm myself) " Elena replied to her in a calm voice 


Elena decided to go to a park and sat on a bench.

Tch, what an awful start of my day. What should I do? I wanna take a nap.... that's right I have to clear my mind first) 
Elena close her eyes to clear her mind. She used all of her time in the morning in sitting on the park bench. During lunch she decided to go to a nearby food chain and eat there. In the afternoon she decided to go to his ex-boyfriend's workplace at cafe and look for him.

" Excuse me, " Elena said to the man in the cashier

" Ah, you are Justin's girlfriend right? Where is he? Boss is looking for him." He said to Elena

" I am not his girlfriend anymore. He broke up with me through a note left in my desk." She replied

" I need to talk to you, can you wait for my break? There's something you should know."

Elena who is trying to figure out why his boyfriend suddenly leave decided to wait to the man in the cashier, " ok, I will wait there..."

After waiting for hours the man in the cashier finally get his break. He bring water on Elena's table and sat in front of her.

" By the way, I am Sean." said the man who has dyed pink shoulder length hair, flashy earrings, average height and has cute face.

" I am Elena, so what do you want to talk about?" Elena asked

" I shouldn't talk to you about this but, when I heard that he left you without talking or any explanation I got a hint." Sean explained in a soft voice

" Hint?"

Sean added that, " I heard Justin talking to a group of man I think he has debts. "

" Debts? I never heard any of it. He's living with me, Justin has no family where he can spend and ask money to suspicious group of man." Elena replied

" I think it's because of the car and several things he bought. I saw him talked to a car company. He even bought things such as expensive bag, dress, flowers and cosmetics."  Sean replied

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