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Puppets puppets puppets

Geppetto hated puppets. The only thing was that he was excellent with them. Making them to using them. Back in there hight he had made a couple of pigs that made it big on the TV. He was broke at the time and took what he could for them. A few years later he found himself in a similar situation and made some super heroes that flew in ships and had a catchphrase. He dispised there success and grew bitter with jealousy. Some years later Geppetto was working on the see front doing a puppet show with a man that constently beat his wife and kid. It was all the rage back then people found it hilarious. Geppetto was getting by on the change that people would toss in his hat at the end of each show. 

In Geppetto's little bedsit he had a bench that he would work on repairing puppets and making them. Geppetto was drinking more than anyone should. On this evening he was carving a little boy. For some reason he could not get the nose right. Every time he took the chisel to it he made it worse. After his final attempt he got it looking awful. The nose looked like a pigs snout. Wow you must be the ugliest creation I have ever created. Geppetto taught to himself. 

"Oh I wish you could make me my fortune. I would give anything to be rich and famous." 

With the words out of his mouth a little imp appeared. Rubbing his blurred eyes then looking at his empty glass then back at the imp. 

"Just another absinthe hallucinations I suppose." 

Geppetto turned to get up from the table when the imp struck him on the back of his head with a small hammer. 

"Have your hallucinations done that before. No they haven't. I'm not a hallucination I'm err let's say a Guardian angel. So let's get down to business. You want to be rich and famous. Correct." 

Geppetto nodded and with trembling hands poured himself a drink. 

" Excellent. You said that you would give anything to be rich and famous. Am I correct again. "

Geppetto trying to get his drink to his lips nodded again spilling absinthe down his front. Again he poured another drink. 

"Good good. So I can make that happen. Would you like that." 

"what's the catch." 

Geppetto slurred. The imp said something quietly under his breath then got louder. 

"So all there is left is to sign on the dotted line and you will have what asked for." 

It didn't matter what the imp had mumbled greed took over Geppetto mind. He snatched up a pen and signed three times not because he had to, but because he was so drunk he had forgotten how to spell his own name. After the third attempt was fully signed. The imp laughed and disappeared in a cloud of smoke. 



simon 1982

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