Pinky Swear

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Chapter 1: Broken Promises

I was on my bed, dressed in a pair of dark jeans, paired with a green crop top and my brown hair tied up in a pony tail. My suitcase was packed full and on the floor but it wasn’t closed yet.

I was holding an old photo and in it was me when I was ten with my arm around the neck of a small boy, in a playful manner. It was taken at a park where I was dressed in a red short with blue top while the boy wore blue baggy shorts with a white tank top. There were trees in the background with kids playing around in the grass. We had just graduated from Middle School and we decided to celebrate at the park with my brother Jax, who was the photographer.

Ryan Adams, that is the name of the little boy but even though he was a year older than me, I was taller then. Even after I left at age thirteen and he was fourteen, I was still taller.

Ryan and I had been best friends since he moved in when he was eight with his parents and baby sister, as our next door neighbor. You could say our neighborhood was a little bit filled with rich and fancy people, and Ryan’s parents were super rich. His mum’s a big shot Lawyer while his dad’s a surgeon. Sadly tho, this makes them at home less.

I could remember when the Adams moved in and my parents went over to welcome them which made them get invited for dinner by the Adams, including Jax, my older brother, and I.
Ryan had been one of the most shy boys I had met, maybe even the most. He would hide his face whenever someone looked at him and he stuttered a lot whenever he answered my questions at that time.
His parents and mine were in the sitting room watching a show while Jax, who was ten then was trying to teach Kira, Ryan’s two year old sister, how to spell the alphabet, although I’m pretty sure she doesn’t understand a word he is saying.

I heard Ryan muttering that he would be upstairs in his room so I decided to go look for him as I didn’t understand the show our parents were watching and I wasn’t good with babies. I walked up the stairs and almost got lost until I saw a door which was left a little bit open. So I knocked on it and heard the sound of something clattering on the floor. Then I heard Ryan’s scared voice,
“W... who’s there?”

“It’s me, Sam.” I answered then I heard his footsteps before he opened his door futher and stood in front of me with his head looking down at the floor and then he asked,

“Need anything?” His voice sounded shaky tho.

Unlike him, I wasn’t shy or nervous around people. I liked making friends and looking at him, he looked cute with his black hair styled in Bob, and his cute brown eyes which stood out.
“Nope, just wanna hang out.” I answered.

“W...with me?” He asked surprised.
“Well there’s no one else here, so yea.” I walked past him into his room leaving him surprised. His room was painted in blue and it was in a neat condition, his bed laid with blue sheets, his desk filled with books but arranged neatly but there was a Rubik’s cube on the floor, which he probably fell when he heard me knock.
“Your room looks very tidy, unlike mine which is a farm house according to mummy.” I joked and I thought I saw him smile until he pulled his faced to look back at the floor again.

“Well, I c...could help you in cleaning it, if you want.” He didn’t stutter much this time which surprised me, but his voice still shook. And I wanted to mess with him a little bit so I balled my fist and looked threatening at him.

“What does that mean, that I can’t clean it myself. You think you’re more clean than I am?”
What he did next shocked me tho as his eyes teard up and he started apologizing with tears rolling from his eyeballs.

“, I..I.. I’m sorry, t...that’s not what I meant. I...”

“Woah, no please don’t cry. I was only joking, please stop. I didn’t mean that.” I tried to console him as my tiny self hugged his more tiny self, untill I heard his sobs die down.

“Y...You won’t hurt me?” And my heart broke at that. Why would he think that.

“Ryan, how old are you?” I asked as I led him to his chair at his desk. He then sat and answered,
“Eight.” He blinked up at me.

“And why do you think a seven year old girl as myself would want to hurt you?”

“N... nothing.” He stuttered. It was then I realised he stuttered whenever he was nervous, scared or lying.

“It’s okay, you can trust me.” I placed my hand on his shoulder so as to calm him as he was fidgeting with his fingers.

“Promise you won’t tell my mum or dad.”
“I promise.”

“Kids at my former school were mean. Very mean. And bigger. They would hit me or push me whenever my teacher praised me for getting the highest score in a test or just to bully me. I think I was the brightest in my class and all the other kids hated that. I was also the smallest so it was easier to pick on me.” I noticed that throughout, he didn’t stutter once. Like he wasn’t nervous around me anymore and that made me feel like I achieved something.

“Didn’t your parents notice any bruises?” I asked thinking how he conceal them.
“They’re always busy and notice nothing and I am very good at keeping them from our house helps too.”

“It’s not good keeping something like that from your parents tho.” I proceeded to sit on his bed as I was tired of standing.

“, t...they can’t know about it. Because if they do, then mum will be overly worried and I would just feel bad. She already works so hard, I don’t wanna stress her too much.” Well his stuttering’s back, guess he was nervous again.“Besides, since we’ve moved, I’m no longer going to that school again.”

“Yea true, you could go to my school.” I yawned then decided to lie down on his bed with my feet dangling. I was feeling sleepy already and I loved my beauty sleep. I was laying faceup to the ceiling when I heard his footsteps getting closer and then he was on the bed too with me, but he was facing me.

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