Part 1 of Poem 1

I was left out many times in my life

In the saddest  moments in the hardest strife

But this is not the case with these people
                                                                                                                         They make me forget my fears

And together we can defeat anyone who appears  

In the saddest moments we help each other

They treat me as if I'm their brother
                                                                          No matter what they do I will still love them all

I will protect them even if I will sacrifice my soul
We encourage ourselves every day that we will be the best

And succeed in every test          

If I am down they lift me up          
They'll do this non-stop
Because we have the will to win and the same goal 
Like the steam train that uses coal
We all have the same role      
These people they are my power

They complete me like the petals on a flower

Being left out by them is the same feeling as leaves without its stem

I can't lose these people because I am who I am because of them
These people are more than  friends 
These people are .......      
My Team , The ASC Fencing Team

Karima Ahmed

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Story about: life, experience

Edited: 02.05.2019

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