Privacy Boundaries


Kaler Bryce's plan wants to stay in his condo for his planned leave but his desired peace for the first time in two years was disturbed by his mother's call at five in the morning.

He rubbed his eyes before he got the phone on his side table.

"What's up, ma? If its not an emergency, just let me sleep, okay?"

"Bryce, son, I had been compromised to get someone from the airport and I had an early meeting with the board of directors today. I can't contact my friend's number which is her mother to tell her that. Can you do me a favor and fetch her from the airport at eight this morning?"

"What? Eight? Ma! Its three and half hours from here before I can make it on the airport! You should call me earlier to say that! I couldn't make it even I go at this moment!"

"That's why I called you! I cannot face her mom if I didn't do anything right now! Come on, what is the use of you being a race car driver?"

Kaley Bryce suddenly got out of the bed. He didn't bother to wash his face or have a mouthwash first. He forcefully get his car keys from the door and the hook came out off its place but he didn't care.

He was a prodigal son, alright, but he cannot let her mother down.

He did some tricks since he knows the fastest route to the airport and because he's a race car driver but still because of traffic, he arrived at exactly three hours.

He's running out of time! It's still twenty to thirty minutes before he can go straight to the arrival area where he can see the person he needs to take home!

He stopped for a second from running towards the airport's entrance.

Wait, take home where? Her mom's place is five hours drive from his condo! And who will he wait in the arrival area? He didn't even know the person nor didn't have a picture or her name! The only thing he knew was she's a girl. Oh God, this sucks!

Nia's beautiful face was distorted. She's on the waiting area for five minutes already from the time that she arrived. She didn't have much patience to wait because she's sitting on the plane for twenty hours and forty-four minutes to be exact!

She didn't care about the flight but she's very sleepy since she cannot sleep on the plane. She always remember that plane accident that killed her father.

Her mother even got her the place to stay so why should she reject the vacation offer? It's also good to cure her trauma in a peacefully and new surroundings.

Her mother messaged her from WhatsApp about the address she'll gonna stay for the time of her vacation. She also give her extra cash though she had enough money even for a year stay!

Mom: Are you with my friend already?
She's very friendly and accommodating. Just let her know if you need anything.
Enjoy your vacation, sweetie! Don't think of your job that you left here in New York, I'll take care of it.
Take your time to come back home and don't forget to contact me even once a month! I love you!

Me: I got here safely, Mom. Don't worry, I can handle myself. Thank you!

She had decided to have a tour first since she's already near in some tourist spots based on the phamplet that she got from the flight attendant. She dialed the number on the paper to start her tour in the foreign country.


As expected, Bryce didn't see anyone sitting near the arrival benches.

He panickly and called his mom but the phone's unattended.

Oh God, what should I do? Does she have the address on which place she should go?

He's exhausted from running back and forth from the arrival area to the terminal area for several times already.

Because of self frustration, exhaustion and being sleepy kicked in, he drove back to his condo without knowing how was her mother's guest.

He concluded that she has the address of her accommodation and that she will be there safely. She's a grown up, after all.

He got home at two in the afternoon and he was very hungry since he didn't even have breakfast and its past lunch already.

He ordered online from food panda for his lunch. He even eat three rice in total! It's so much for his lunch and he knew he need to work out later.

He cannot go back to sleep so he finishes a couple of articles and send it to his boss via email. He didn't even realized that it's evening already.

He got up from his desk, put on gym clothes and put some extra clothes in his bag before he left his condo.

Nia got lost on her way a few times before she's able to see the place.

It's a miracle that she didn't fall asleep in the museum's tour earlier. She even got herself a to-go packed dinner from a nearby restaurant with Filipino food. She didn't recognize what was that food but she still ordered it.

She got the keys from a secretary of her mother's friend before she got on the van for the tour. The lady secretary was resourceful. She didn't know how she had her number.

Her body aches all over and her legs are starting to getting numb. No time to choose which of the three rooms she need to lie down her body.

She just chose the first room on the right and didn't bother to unpack her things on the closet.

She eat the packed dinner with gusto---savoring the delicious spices used to cook the meal. She will definitely try again the same food tomorrow or until she got used to it.

Just like in their house, she found the luxurious bath tub with shower on the left connecting door on her room. She take her time relaxing on the bath tub with her rose oil essentials and scented candles before falling asleep on the soft matress of her bed.


Nhelle Joy Dan

Edited: 16.01.2021

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