Queen of His Heart


Pinned her against the wall, Zachary speaks up in his dangerous tone," Stay away from me. I am the fire. Don't come close to me or I will burn you"

Alina looked at Zachary and speaks up," Then burn me. I will gladly throw myself in the fire, you will set for me. But, I will not stay away from you, Zac. I love you"

Hearing this, the beast in Zachary howled in happiness. He wants to control over Zachary body..

For calming his beast Zachary put her face in Alina's neck inhaling her chocolate and rose smell. But his beast became mad suddenly, when he saw her vein. When he feels, warm blood running in her vein..

Alina hugged him thinking that he finally accept her but little she had known a battle is going on in Zachary body...



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Khurshida Khushi

Edited: 25.02.2021

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