He Stole My Heart

1. Cool the Dracula.

I sat relaxed on the sand, listening to the sound that the waves made while crashing against each other. The wind blowing in my face making my hair dance and the sun gradually residing into the waters, and the sky changing it's colour from orange-yellow to flamboyant pink.

I stared into the water mindlessly only to see a Greek God surfing on the waters effortlessly making my heart skip a beat with his

He came out of the waters in slow motion his face away from the light. I stood up yearning for a single glimpse of his face. All I could make out was his sharp features and perfect muscular body.

He noticed me and walked towards me, even though I couldn't see his face I can feel him smile at me. I gasped looking at his face.

"Chris!" I let out a breath.

"I love you and I want to marry you," I confessed looking at his piercing blue eyes.

"Me Chris Hemsworth, fell in love with you the second my eyes landed on you. I wish that you will agree to spend every minute of your life with me for the rest of our lives. Will you marry me?" He asked pulling out a seashell with a hole in it.

I let the happy tears out of my face and breathed out a...

"Amy wake up, you don't want to be late for school." My mother yelled entering my room. I groggily opened my eyes and checked the surrounding.

Beach × 
Bedroom √
Romantic setting × 
messy room √
Chris Hemsworth with heart eyes ×
Dracula with eyes spitting fire √

"Let me sleep Mama " I mumbled while still trying to accept reality. She opened the curtains to let sunlight pour into the room. I closed my eyes and pulled the blanket over my head.

"Please close the drapes mama. Just 5more minutes." I said turning to sleep on my stomach and hiding my face in my pillow just hoping I could continue my dream.

But, the Dracula she is just pulled my blanket away resulting in me landing first on my buttocks.

"You are already late. I told you last night to stop watching FRIENDS and go to sleep. Come on wake up. I'm going back to the kitchen. I don't want to come again to wake you up. If you are going to be late then it's not my fault." Saying mama left the room leaving my sore ass on the floor.

I stood up slowly and sighed if I was lucky maybe he would visit me again in my dreams and we could continue our confession.

After finishing my morning routine, I stepped out of the bathroom wrapped in a baby pink towel and walked into the walk-in closet wondering what to wear on my 1st day to school. I just picked a yellow top with a floral design and paired it with white shorts and sneakers rushing downstairs with my bag to the dining room.

"Good morning Dad." I chirped seeing my Dad at the breakfast table.

"Good morning Princess," Dad replied flashing a smile while having his breakfast roti and paneer curry (Indian bread and cottage cheese curry)

Oh yes, my mom prepares the best Indian Food. Mama came to California for her higher studies and fell in love with my Dad whom she met at the university. Well, they decided to get married, but her family never agreed as my Dad is from The States and they could never accept an American as their son in law.

Mama tried to persuade them but seeing them fix her marriage with someone else she left everything behind and came back to California.

Long story short my parents got married, but my mama lost her family who decided to cut all ties with her for bringing shame to the family. She still misses them. She wants to show them that she did chose the right guy. She wants me to meet them someday and bond with them.

"Dad I just dreamed about Chris. He declared his love for me and asked me to marry him."

"Didn't you dream a similar thing with harry styles last week?" Dad cocked his eyebrow at me teasing a smile.

Before I could retort, that this time it felt so real. Dracula shouted from the kitchen.

"Why are you dreaming about useless things when you should be concentrating on your studies?"

I rolled my eyes in response and my dad blew a kiss my way to pacify me.

"Dad, I'm gonna ask you for a gift for my birthday, and you can't say no okay?" I whispered to him while nibbling my roti so that Dracula couldn't listen.

Usually, my appetite doubles seeing the Indian food on the table but today because of the current state of my mind I'm not hungry.

"Name it and you will have it. Do you want to meet Chris or that harry guy?"

"If only it was that simple... this year for my birthday, I was hoping on, you know to go to the amusement park with Sophie and Ryan. I don't want any gifts or parties. I'm not a kid to have a birthday party."

Anyway, I get my face smashed into the cake just after cutting it by a monster so I would like to pass it this time.

"Yeah okay, it's your birthday after all. As you wish."

I smiled at him but I know I didn't pass the real hurdle which is in the front.

"No Rob, you can't allow them, they are still kids.. what if they run into some trouble or get lost or worse someone kidnaps them?" Mama came from the kitchen with more rotis on the plate. Oh here comes the Dracula. Always on time as expected.

"Oh come on mama, I'm not alone Ryan and Sophie are also coming and we are not kids I'm turning 14 remember?" I tried to reply to her calmly but my voice just came out irritated.

"Okay, then I will come with you guys. You know how worried I get if you kids are alone" My mom said placing one more roti on my plate.

"No way, I'm not letting you accompany us, there is no need to babysit, and we're not kids," I whined and pinched my Dad on the thigh hoping he would help me.

But he just gave a sorry I can't help look.

"Dad, please help me out here, Please Dad, please please" I requested him showing my puppy dog eyes which I know will work for sure.

"Okay, okay let me think about that." Well, that was yes for sure, I know that he will convince mama. If someone can cool the Dracula then it's my Dad and yeah there is another person who could do that, The official Prick in my life.


Edited: 15.06.2021

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