Regret to be Billionaire's wife


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I m so happy today.It's my first summer vacation trip.I wore white shirt with blue jeans and black cap with white shoes.

"How beautiful I am.He must be thankful to God as I m the girlfriend of him." (When she looked into the mirror)


Miraal is simply the young girl who is obsessed,no question she is excessively wonderful and her face sparkles like the unadulterated water move through the stream or we can resemble her with the light,so shining face and when she walks,it feels like she is strolling on honorary pathway. She is the college going girl.


"Mom where is my watch? I need this watch right now.This is so special for me". (She asked her mom and started to find here and there)

Why is it so special for you?? Can you explain me? .(mom asked to her)

"Mom you know that it was given by my best friend that's why it is so special for me.Why are you asking in double meaning way" (the sweating appeared on her face).

"I m just simply asking.Go and search inside the cupboard" .( Mom went to the kitchen )

" yes! I got it.Thank you mom. Now I m leaving".(She ran towards the gate).

"Miraal wait. Let keep these boiled egg with you."

"Mom I am getting late.Allah hafiz" (she kisses on her forehead)

"Please do call every time ok?". (Mom told her)

"Ok mom.Bye" 


Miraal has three family members;  her mom ,her younger sister and younger brother.From her childhood she cherishes to see dreams and wants all things in reality.She considers everything is conceivable in this world and she can get all things what she wants.She belongs to lower middle class family and she despises this and wants to marry with the person who is extremely rich ready to say billionaire. She is the girl of her own world who wants to run the world with her own rules but in reality she is not more than the simple girl who didn't travel in car in her entire life and lives in the small house.

Hey Aliyan I m here.(she waved her hands)

Aliyan: See the time.I m waiting here for you last two hours .


Aliyan is the boyfriend of Miraal.He is the young and nice looking boy.He loves her so much and wants to marry her.He thinks that she is the most wonderful girl on the planet.


Miraal:" I m really sorry.But see I m here in front of you.Now you have to be happy".

Aliyan:"Just happy? I m so happy and you know I m so excited for the trip.We will spend too much time there with each other.Let's go for the bus,all of them are waiting for us. (He catches her hand and runs fast towards trip bus)".

"Hey look here the beautiful and charming couple are coming " .(All of the colleagues  started to tease both of them)

Miraal: "Hey stop please."(she smiles)

Aliyan: Come on Miraal sit here.(He pointed towards seat)

Miraal: Yeah sure.Aliyan when will you give me the new mobile? You know what all of my friends are asking that why you are using this old fashioned mobile still as your boyfriend is too rich.

Aliyan: My sweetheart .It's not a big deal for me ,just give me some time I will definitely give it to you.

Miraal: But why do you need some time??

Aliyan: Dear. I want to give the special mobile so I need some time to select it for you.

Miraal: Oh really! Ok then I m so excited for my new mobile.I really want it.

Aliyan: And what about me ?? Do you really want me as well? 

Miraal:Afcourse Aliyan.Hey car stopped,I think We have reached there.Come on go outside.

She looks here and there.She loves the view of the forest.Everywhere is greenery.The view is really wonderful.


Out of the mirror

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