Rising Dawn

Chapter 1

I am a singer songwriter living the world of my dreams. I have made many songs and most of them have been a hit with the local audience and the extended fam has been growing. The love and support the audience have been showing has been overwhelming if not anything else. It has been a crazy journey, I am not that successful yet, but I know one day I will be one of the top most singer and composers that the world will remember and cherish.

Singing and songwriting have been my thing since childhood. I was not a mischievous or a naughty kid in fact I was quite the opposite. I was sincere as a kid and good in studies. Growing up I have discovered my love and passion to write songs and sing them. I have been learning about music ever since. I have not been an open person, I am quite private about my personal life and I like to keep things that matter close to me.

It is not easy for me to express my feelings or my emotions. It is not because I have bad past or something but because I have been wired this way. Music is the only way I can express things without being uncomfortable.

Things happened, shit happened but I am still here standing my ground, staring down my problems and my failures. Everything that I have been through has been a lesson and an experience. So here I am, my name is Faris Malik, I am a singer songwriter and soon going on to become the next singing sensation.

Well, to start telling you my story, one thing that you should know about me is that I am hella stubborn and at times rude. I don't give a flying fuck if you are not my family or friends. But to be honest I am not that bad. At six foot two inches I stand tall having a well tanned skin, dark brown eyes and dark black hair. With the hours that I am spending in the gym, I can say that it's better than most of what you would have seen. I am twenty one years old living my dreams trying to make it big in the music world.

I am happy with the way things have been going around for me and my band, we've got a gig that could change our lives forever. We are a band of five members, me and my best friend Tyler along with the twins Ryan and Rebel, last but not least Mike the charming playboy but a goofy person. All of us have worked hard for the day to come.

This has not been an easy journey. It was a lot of struggle and competition. I worked hard to reach where I am today. The field that I am in requires to be a lot stronger than others. You have to fight hard for every single day to survive in the music industry.

Join in to read my story further, what happened in my life and how my life changed when I met her...


The girl of my dreams, the love of my life Sierra Jane. To say that she is beautiful would be an understatement because she is the most beautiful and amazing person I have come across. She is one of a kind, the kind you take home to meet your parents. She is quite a mood in herself. I have always admired her from far, back then never had the chance or you can say courage to speak to her but when finally decided to take a chance she was not there. She left the city and no one knew where, I tried but I couldn't reach her or find her.

She always comes to me as a beautiful thought and stays with me but as time passed, I moved on. I am not a teenager anymore I have grown up learned from my past and have a dream to achieve. It is surprising how time passed by so quickly. It feels as if yesterday we have started our official music band, it has been almost two years since we all are together and working on our music as a band.


In midst of all this somewhere still there is a lingering thought of her..




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Edited: 29.07.2021

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