Rising of the Dark King


Amelia Smith



A beautiful and innocent girl. Her gorgeous face and innocent pull boys towards her.  Her parents dead long ago. Now she is living with her grandmother. Their life were peaceful until they moved  in dead city. It is a small city lies beside a wild, deep forest.


Xavier Black Knight


A powerful, heartless, merciless and dangerous beast. He used to kill humans for pleasure. People called him a monster. The King of dark. Because of his torture Human crused him. And he fell asleep for unlimited time. Along with him his fellow creatures also fell asleep. People dig him under ground. From last 500 years he is sleeping.

People thought he will never woke up.

Amelia thoughts the beast, the dark king only lives in fairly tales.

But little they had known, the dark king going to woke up soon for revenge.

Little, Amelia has known she will be the reason on his woking.

Little, she has known the beast will claim her.

Little she had known, he will cage her in his arms.

Little, she has known, she is the mate of this beast


Khurshida Khushi

Edited: 20.04.2021

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