What Happens Happens

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Aaron's P.O.V.

"Hay! You ready for the party Ron?" Quill asks me through the door, "Na, think I'll stay tonight," I answer not feeling like doing anything more than lie on my bed. 

"What!" Quill storms through the door with a perplexed face, "Did I just hear what my ears are telling me?" He asks wanting to make sure his party-all-night-till-you-drop-friend was OK. I sigh and sit up grabbing the glass of water on my bedrest, "If your ears are tell you that I wanna stay then yes you did hear that," I tell him while gulping down the water. He throws up his arms in a helpless gesture, "Come on man, your not sick," He eyes me suspiciously, "Are you?" 

I frown at him, "What? No! Of coarse not."

He looks at me like I'm lying, "Then why are you not coming?" I glare at him can't he take a no when it comes, "Because I don't feel like it," I tell him and flop back on the bed.

"Really? You don't feel like it?"

"Yes, I really really don't," He sighs and flops down on the bed next to me. He's quiet too quiet, I glance at him and he's just staring at the ceiling like its the most beautiful piece of art. I squint my eyes at him, "Why are you still here?"

"Because my best friend doesn't feel like going to a party," He replays nonchalant. Its quiet again and this time I didn't break it, "Sooooo, you going to tell me why you don't feel like it?" He whispers in my ear out of nowhere and I jump upright, "Fuck, Quill don't do that!" 

"O! Come on tell me what's wrong!" He says exasperated now, I sigh for the umpteenth time today, "Something just feels like it missing OK?" I tell him, he doesn't say anything for a while.

"I know why don't we go on a world tour, maybe you'll find  whats 'missing', Hmmm?" I think about it and its actually a good idea, "OK, I'll ask James to get one started."

"Yes!!" Quill jumps off the bed glad he fix the problem, "Now can we go to the party?" He asks, I smirk of coarse he was only think of the party, "Sure let's go."




Vividdia's P.O.V.

"Vividda! Come down right now!" God Mamá! Why do you make me run up and down in stilettos! I grumble as I stand up from my bed and walk down to the living room where Mamá is waiting, "Mamá called for me?" I ask from the doorway, "Yes, I did sit, please," I sit across from Mamá and my baby brother Ramero and look at her to continue, "There is this concert Ramero wants to go to tomorrow and I expect you to go with him," I momenterally glare at my brother then ask Mamá, "Which concert?" 

"Um, Ramero said its name is Episod Hu" I frown, never in my life have I heard of the band, Ramero clears his throat, "Mamá means Episode Hue," Oh, that one. Yes I've heard of it I'm actually a fan, but no way am I letting anyone know, "Really Mamá? Ramero is twelve and he can go with the bodyguards," Mamá glares at me not liking me arguing, "You will go with Ramero or you will marry Count Garcia," Mamá says in a strained voice, I hate it when she threatens me with this marriage, bit I know she is just exaggerating, "Fine I will go with Ramero," I say and turn my head to the window dismissing her, "Good, now you may leave," Mamá orders and I head to my room to remove the killer feet stilettos. Saint Philip and Maria I'm going to see Episode Hue!

As soon as I'm in my skinny jeans and black tank top with Rebel imprinted on it I call Lia, my sleepover-gossip-eat-anything best friend, "Guess what just happened!" I say excitedly as soon as she picks up, "Hmm, you got disowned?" She asks knowing that I'd be extremely happy if that happens, "No, it did not happen," I say grimly, "Pity, but your twenty first birthday is only a few months away," She says encouragingly, "Yes, yes its is, anyways guess what happened," I ask her biting my lower lip in anticipation, "Um, I don't know tell me pleeease."

"OK, OK," I squeeze my eyes just and spit it out, "I'm going to Episode Hue's concert," I wait for her to reply, "Joder!" She screams, its the Spanish word for fuck. The line suddenly gets cut, "Lia? Lia! Giulia!" I call her by her full name, Carajo Lia did you end the call again? Its the Spanish word for fuck, damit.

I pace up and down waiting for Lia to call me back, and there she is! My ringtone of Imagine Dragon's Believer goes off, "Lia-"

"Joder! Joder! Joder! How the hell did you pull it off Vivi?!" She curses as she is a huge fan too, "Well I didn't, Mamá kind of made me say I'd go with Ero to the concert," I hear Lia go off in a burst of laughs, "She, she made you?" She asks not believing it, "Yes, only because I didn't want her to know I like the band," I clarify and Lia goes into a burst of laughs again, "Don't laugh at me Lia I'm in a compromising situation," I grumble at her, "Fine, Fine I won't laugh," I huff not buying it, "Anyways I also called to ask you what I should wear tomorrow," We practically pulled out my whole wardrobe to find a suitable outfit that both me and her liked. It ended up being my black skinny jeans with Regal Rebel embroidered on it, my fan shirt of Episode Hue and my white hoodie to cover it, I also decided to braid my black hair on one side so I'd still have my signature curtain on the other side.

"OK I think that's it, thanks Lia, couldn't have done it without you!" I thank her, "I know," She says smugly. We say goodnight and I flop on my bed staring at the ceiling, God I hope this isn't a dream.


Next day

"Vivi! Come out we're going to be late!" Ero bangs at my door, I smirk I know how much he hates being late. I pull on my hoodie and lastly put on my silver loop earnings. I open the door and grin at my twelve year old brother, I'd swear he's older than me by the way he looks, "What are you waiting for?" I ask innocently and walk past him to the front door, I can feel his glare on my back.

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