Secret: A Country Romance

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"I wonder what Tricia will do when she learns of who you are" laughed a shiny blonde guy who was sitting in the passenger's seat of a Range Rover in the middle of the night.

"Oh I'm sure she will come crawling back on her feet saying that she is sorry and that she didn't mean to look down on me" replied a black haired guy, he has a chiseled jaw, a perfect nose and beautiful blue eyes, his lips were thin and sexy, giving any lady who met him the urge to kiss him. He was sitting in the driver's seat of the Range Rover, smiling handsomely.

The blonde with light gray eyes and baby face which made him kind of cute laughed again before asking "but really Carlos, why do you like hiding your identity from women?"

The handsome man who was called Carlos smiled "any woman that wants to get into my heart have to first love me when I'm a nobody because my identity will always be my secret" he looked at his very good friend and flashed him a smile "do you think I will ever find a woman like that John?"

The blonde guy, John shrugged "it depends. I mean it's possible, I just hope you won't lose the woman you love because you want to keep your identity a secret."

"I don't see that happening."

"I hope so too, you see..." John was saying when suddenly two SUVs pulled over in front of their car, they watched as the doors were opened and three men got down from each plus the drivers making them eight in total "that doesn't look good."

"Who the hell are they?" Carlos asked with a frown.

"I don't know but who ever they are, they are bad news" John said, subconsciously, his voice has turned into a whisper "we really shouldn't be here Carlos, I don't trust this guys."

"I'm going out to meet them" Carlos unfastened his seatbelt to get down from the car.

"Hey" John grabbed his arm "that's not safe, I really think we should get out of here, what you should do is to step on that pedal..." Just then a knock was heard on the car window and they both looked up, the man standing outside indicated for them to wind down the window, John looked around to see that their car has been surrounded and he gulped, he instinctively stopped Carlos who wanted to wind down "let's get out of here Carlos, these guys are bad news."

The knock came again, fiercely this time "what the?" Carlos was angry, he wanted to get down and speak to them but John refused and just then, they saw the man pull out a gun from inside his jacket. Their faces paled and the man was still asking them to come down while pointing the gun on the window. John immediately pressed the start button of the car and Carlos stepped on the accelerator and the car sped off. They heard series of gun shots behind them but they didn't stop.

John watched them get into the SUVs from the rearview mirror, he kept on urging Carlos to go faster.

"I'm trying" Carlos barked as he fastened his seatbelt back, he just can't believe it, who will dare to kill him? To point a gun at him? His mind was running wild and he thought about making a phone call but the SUVs were fast on their trail. One of the SUVs caught up to them and forcefully hit their car causing the car to swerve but Carlos managed to get it back on track, the SUV got closer again and hit them hard. Carlos struggled with the steering to control the car but before he could get a hold on it, they were hit again and so the car left the road, hitting the railings and falling off the slope.

Carlos fought to control the car or better still reduce the impact of the fall but the car was on high-speed and so somersaulted continuously down the hill. After the fall, Carlos awoken to a sharp pain in his forehead, his hand pressed his temple but then he heard the faint sound of footsteps and knew their pursuers were getting closer, he turned to his friend John and shook him continuously while whispering his name.

John opened his eyes with a soft painful cry "we need to get out of here" Carlos said and he nodded before they both unfastened out of their seatbelts, they opened the driver's door and crawled out of the car, the faint speaking of men and footsteps were getting closer, they stood up and looked around them, they were in the middle of nowhere and were surrounded by trees, they could see the faint light of headlamps up ahead and knew there is a highway up ahead, if only they could get there, they could be saved so they quickly but quietly made their way through the trees.

They had both sustained injuries with the accident but now is not the time to look at the wounds nor feel the pains, they must get out of this woods and free from the pursuers who Carlos still found strange that they wanted to kill them, who could it be? Who really want to wipe their faces off this earth?

A stick snapped under his foot and flashlights found their way on them with a man's voice "over here, found them."

This was their cue, so they both started running despite the pains they feel in their bodies. The men were gaining on them since they were perfectly fine. John missed his footing and went flying to the ground, a lot of sands and tree leaves found their way into his mouth. Carlos stopped and went to help him when John heard the words of the men and suddenly shout out to Carlos "run Carlos, they are after you. Don't come back for me, keep running, I'm right behind you. Run, run, don't look back, run Carlos."

A loud gunshot was heard and Carlos didn't hear John's voice anymore, realizing what had happened, he screamed "John!" But then he realized that his scream was giving away his position, he reached up his hand and covered his mouth tightly while he silently sobbed hard for the lost of his best friend who was more like a brother. Remembering how John wanted him to escape, he decided to not let them catch him, he started running, with all the strength in him.

Goodness Shadrach

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Edited: 08.06.2020

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