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The bells rang as a new wind picked up in a small alley that lay off a bustling fish market. It was a refreshing feeling that hit beyond the cold tinge that bled into the main street of the slimline crowded apartments and stores that hung in the alley behind the market. They were all closely huddled together and as the breeze past, a beautiful chime played into the line. Almost as a greeting sound to let the residents know that there were new arrivals in town.  

The early morning sun shone at the edge of the alley opening and begun to light up the area in a warm glow. As the light slowly climbed further up the street, four figures stood at the edge of the alley and looked over to a building complex.  

The figures were painted black as they stood against the warmth and looked onto one building, that lay right at the end of the opening. It was a run-down small apartment on the first floor and the second held an old dusty and empty shop that was closed off. The vacant sign dangling by its last thread in the open musky window. It looked like the building had never been cleaned in years. However, to these four new residents, that hardly mattered. Because they would only come alive at night.  

"Is this the the building?" One of the voices said as they stood against the sun backdrop and gazed upon the very store and apartment that would soon become their home.  

The tallest figure nodded. "Yes. There is no other place like it in this area. This is to be our new house and life."  

"And you think we will be able to live our lives here?"  

The tall figure reassured the group. "We will be safer here than most places in the world. Now, are you all ready to begin our new journey?"   

The hidden souls nodded, soon heading to the complex and a new world was about to take over this small town. 

Junie Han

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Story about: romance, fantasy, korean

Edited: 18.01.2021

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