Separated Square ( The Crystal Gem )

Chapter 1 ( Turtle Snail )

It was a strange world she found herself out of place in, as she had no destination. Not a single idea of where she was heading to , flinching at the slightest noise  that penetrated through her ears. She heard creepy cries of crickets which made matters worst.

" Hello Is anyone here?!!" She kept on shouting to no one, having high hopes of meeting a savior. Where was she and what could be going on, why was there no one around? Had the world come to an end or was she banished into a supernatural world?

" Lady of light" A voice she heard registered in her mind concluding it familiar .

" Man of Fire where have you been all this while?" She found herself asking unknowingly, she felt like everything was being remoted by someone who was probably not her, her lips clapping on its own as her brain not controlling her speech.

" I found the gem." He deviated from her question, bringing out something sparkling , enlightening the darkness. The happiness inscribed on her face was so satisfying to have a glimpse of.

" The crystal gem!!" She exclaimed and couldn't stop smiling.

" Ivy... Ivy.... Ivy!!"  An intruder interrupted her beautiful dream, everything started becoming blur and eventually her eyelids gave way to her magnificent eyes to explore the real world .She stood up and rubbed the little of  sleep left on her eyes off , she noticed Dave standing in front of her all dressed up with a frowned face which kinda looks funny.

" Dave?" She muttered loudly enough with her sleepy soul holding her voice.

" No it's Drake. Who the hell did you think woke you up?" He replied sarcastically folding his arms.

" Oh sorry I was having a dream..." She apologized before he could start his rattles

" I've told you several times to stop thinking about that jerk . See how you were smiling in a dream that will never come true!" He rebuked.

" What! How did you know I smiled in my dream?" She felt perplexed at her brother's confession.

" Ivy I'm not some kinda wizard to get into your dream . For goodness sake you smiled your way out of the dream into reality. For how long are you gonna crush on Dalian? He is a Playboy and he will never notice good girls like you." He beefed.

" Dave can you please stop this, I just woke up . I telling you I had a dream  doesn't mean I dreamt about that jerk and I've repeated several times. I'm not crushing on him . For Pete's sake can't you trust your sis a little?" She hissed jumping off her bed ,trying to escape Dave's girly arguments.

Ivy and Dave her twin brother had always stayed together with their parents in a little peaceful home , at least that was all they could remember since their minds developed. Like most siblings they were used to having these little arguments especially with Dave being a nagger. They were not gifted with wealthy parents though but they had the best loving ones ever, owning a very familiar restaurant in city M. How exhilarated Mr and Mrs Holmes felt every single day looking at their twin lads develop. Poverty wasn't able to snatch that joy from their hearts.

" Have you checked the time? We are late for classes !" He yelled a little pissed at his sister's stupidity.

" You knew that but you still had to rattle about an unimportant dream." She spat back at him .

" Okay go get ready." He said as she glared at him and headed to the bathroom.

Ivy Holmes the only daughter of Mr Gerald Holmes and his loving wife loved her twin brother Dave so much but couldn't express it because of the boundary Dave built between them. This girly attitude of bellyaching without a stop. She couldn't accept his bleats on everything he found a fault about . Dave had broken up with countless girlfriends because of this same character.

She freshened up and got dressed up for school, coming downstairs she met an impatient looking Dave pacing around the living room.

" Let's go Dave." She said as he sighed , picked up his bag which he hanged on his shoulder and they went out of the house.

Ivy couldn't restrict her face from frowning seeing turtle snail as they nicknamed it. The car looks overly used and very bad for young, good looking people like the twins, to be seen in. But that's all their  parents could afford. One miserable day turtle snail had to frustrate them by breaking down a long distance from their restaurant which was where they always went, to help their parents after school. Luck not being on their side they had no money on them, what could they do than trek there for the first time. The car was abandoned at a mechanic shop by one old man, Mr Holmes being able to afford something like that chose to prevent his kids from boarding public transport to school not knowing his kids preferred that to turtle snail, but they had to just keep mute as they couldn't wipe off their father's pride and joy.

" We are already late and I'm very sure turtle snail will make matters worse." Ivy  muttered under her breath knowing fully well how slow the car was and how she had to cope with it until she completes high school.

" Are you gonna stand there ,or you gonna get your ass here in this fuckin car!!" Dave yelled from the car provoked by Ivy's lame attitude as she didn't notice when he dissipated into turtle snail . she scoffed throwing his shit into the air and joined him .

" Seatbelt." He groaned frustratingly,  Ivy sighing and buckling it did not forget to figure out why Dave always wanted her to use the seatbelt probably knowing turtle snail will not put them in a big mess no matter what.

He zoomed off and after a long time they were in school. Ivy unbuckled her seat belt, took her bag and left him to suit himself.

She was walking frantically in haste and noticed how the hallway was quite , her heart pounding as to what  her miserable life will be with Mr Bruce being the teacher for their first lesson that day.

Ivy got to class and luckily Mr Bruce attention was on the board as he was writing something Ivy had no interest in at the moment so she tried taking advantage of it hastening her steps to her seat. As her foe wished, she  tripped and fell flat on the hard tiled floor. the class finding something amusing roared in laughter drawing Mr Bruce's attention. Ivy standing up shamefully, glared at the bitch who intentionally placed her smooth leg on the path.


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