Sex or Chocolates?

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The Unexpected Meet Up

It's been two months already since the first semester had started and yet the Talisay State University in Leyte, Philippines had a quite problem about the class schedules as well as the instructors schedules. This situation put the students into complaints and bustles over the school departments. It was 10:16 AM of September 2nd and Lara's mood was already jagged. For her, another day was wasted. She fix herself early, prepares her food for lunch, hastily strides towards the terminal to catch the van, which nearly stuck her one inch heeled shoes to the rough and eroded pavements of the market-terminal road. She had even left her two kids to her nagging mom without assurance if they can get the same care she provides before she off to school.  All of the things that happened early in the morning came flashing over again. The noise of her classmates add the commotions to her emotions and irate mind. She wrinkled her forehead and cholerically sighed,

'I wish I didn't come here, I could have saved a small amount of money today.' 

She was about to got up from her chair located next to the window when her classmates outside the classroom rushed towards their chair and sit properly. One of the classmates sittting near to the entrance door called out,

"Someone is coming! I think he will be our instructor for this subject." Lara did not pay attention to what she heared but move to the center instead and sat beside her beshies (close friends).

"I wonder who will be our teacher for Geochemistry,,,? Debbie Sallentes said, while pouting.

"I want someone totally a clown like and a jester." Added Lara while turning around her red hanky by her fingers.

As she was about to say more when a 5 ft and 5 inch guy entered the classroom and seated at the center where the dark brown table is being put. All eyes are on him and he greeted the class cheerfully.

"I am Kendrick A. Lopez, a Bachelor of Secondary Education and a Physics major." Throwing a cute and preserved smile while pressing on the paper he was holding.

 Yes! Lara did notice that cute smile and she was reading into his eyes as if trying to seek more from him. And he was also a Physics major same with the course she took in. Two years ago she was a Biology major but shifted into Physics when she was in her first year college because she is not fond of concept memorizations. Looking at him intently. She really likes his smile and fondly watch his cute reddish lips while he speaks. He got a lips similar to a girl paired with thick dark brows and dark round eyes that complements his not too pointed nose. Everything about him is cute for Lara. He also had a fierce yet timid gaze when he throw a look at you. Her intent and clammy gaze catches his attention and retorted the same as if they are the only creatures existed in the space. The gazes prolonged for some seconds but he was stiff enough of the prolongation that caused her to pull back her gaze. Lara felt something weird feelings but she cast it off and smiled at him.

"Sir, do you have a girlfriend?" asks Elaine from the back, one of her garrulous classmate and the ultimate question finder in the class. Lara expect his answer to be yes since he mentioned that he is already 23 years old. But he answered "no". 

"Sir, would you like to have one? for you to have someone to wash your clothes?" again, Elaine added. 

"My mother wash my clothes and she was strong enough not to be replaced." he replied smilingly.

Everyone in the class burst out laughing, even Lara had a smile because of what he just said.  Furthermore he told the class that he will not handle them because another instructor will come soon and that he was going only to handle them for their Field Study deployment. He ask for their names and the class groupings. The Field Study course which Lara took for that semester is another opportunity for her and for the rest of the students who are taking the same subject to explore and observe in the actual classroom setting.

Debbie shook her since she was empty-handedly gazing at him. "What are you thinking b'tch?."

"I like his smile, he's so cute,,, for me he's attractive." She told Debbie with a smirk. 

"Maybe not,,,." Deb insisted.

Lara will complement more but she was interrupted when Sir Kendrick told the class that he did not expect to land the job since he had observed that the other applicants performed well during the demo teaching. Well, he was lucky to be called then and gets hired and during their interview he honestly told the panelist what he truly feels about during the demo teaching and the tensions it brought to his performance. What he said urge Lara to comment from her chair and so she speak.

"Sir, in this University, people here are attitude conscious and not totally on the intellectual bases. If you possess the right attitude, then you're in, intelligence is somewhat a second plus for you as an applicant. Besides, this school is learner-centered. The faculty and staff knows the needs of the students and they knows that students go for the attitude,,, not for the too brainy instructors. We do not learn from such." 

Sir Kendrick amazingly looked at her, smiled and said,

"I think so, thank you!." Then he cheerfully added. "Next meeting I want a final groupings so that I can encode all your names, and so we can send that to your cooperating schools whom you choose."

The Fickle minded

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