Shut Up. Be Mine.



"Enjoy the little things in life, because one day you will look back, and realize they were the big things."  I read again my favorite quote, framed and displayed on the side of my nightstand. I looked at it for a moment before taking it and putting it inside my suitcase with my neatly folded clothes.

"Sweetie? Are you finish packing?" my mom asked while looking through the sllightly opened door. She's outside the room. I looked at her with sad eyes, and just reolied 'yes'. She make her way in and she sat down in the bed, beside me. She guided my head towards her shoulder and it somehow calms me. "Aelina, please don't be sad sweetie, I know you'll miss this house, as well as your school and friends...but you know the reason why we have to leave, right? Please understand Mommy for now,.." Mommy said while patting my head. She looked at me and kissed my forehead. She's really a sweet mother..but I'm her only child, so maybe that's the reason why she's really taking good care of me even if I'm already in my college year. "Okay, it's time. Close your suitcase sweetie, I'll just wait for you downstairs." she said before walking out of my room. But before she finally left the room, she said something that made me smile."Oh wait, I almost forgot. Your friends are here. They want to see you off before we leave." she said while smiling, before walking away. Mom smiled but I know she's suffering inside. I can feel it. I immediately closed my bag and told the maid to bring my things downstairs.

"Aelina, are you leaving for real?" Darleen said with a sad face. "We'll miss you girl." Doreen said and offers a hug and I accepted it. "I'll miss the both of you." I said with teary eyes and also hugged Darleen who's now crying. They are twins. "Let's do 'Group VCs' often, okay? Or else I won't send you the Chanel make-up you want for your birthday." Doreen said. "And also the Gucci handbag, you bitch."Darleen. I couldn't help but laugh at the kind of thing they threatened me with. I will miss these crackheads.

"Okay girls, sorry for interrupting your moment but our van is already here."mom excused because the maids finished putting our suitcases inside the car.

We bid goodbyes to each other and then Mommy and I got in the van. I waved again one last time before closing the door. I'll miss you guys. See you soon.

I placed my headphones on my ears and listened to a calm rnb music while thinking about what awaits us when we return to the Philippines. New problem? New friends? I don't know, but one thing is for sure. When I get there, I will surely change my hair color into dark purple ombre for my new life.



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Edited: 06.11.2020

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