Six Months Gap - Living for the Dead

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Ezra Leo Asher : underground Gang Leader

Scarlet Jones Knight : underground cage fighter

Both are in the same High School but they never know about the other person's occupation ( if you an call it )

Ezra with his two best friends West white and Xavier Jones Knight ( Scarlet's twin brother ) make it into the IT crowd

Xavier being the second in command and West being the Tech guy make their gang the untraceable and most feared gang in the New York city named the RED HUNTER

Xavier and Scarlett do their best to hide thier identity from each other , but are so understanding because they are the typical twins they are like the backbone of each other , Shadow of each other , two sides of the same coin and what not

Their parents the most loving and caring in the world their dad chase Jones Knight taught Scarlett fighting and knew about her being the underground fighter name red hunter

Their mother Kinsey Jones Knight being the sweet and caring mother knew everything about the underground gang because her father and Ezra's grandfather were the one who run the gang in the past

It was in Scarlet and Xavier's blood to be ruthless and so daring that no one ever get came near them and harm them

Scarlet with her best friends Zara Smith and Agnes black where the distant group of girls You may think that Waalah ! We've got a group to mess around but no you are wrong . Once the Queen Bee of their High School made a small rumor about Scarlet and her friends being the ultimate sluts of the THHS . She got a disoriented face and a broken arm . No one quite really understood what happen except Scarlet , Zara , Agnus , the Queen Bee and Victoria (present queen bee after the previous one got transferred out of the school ) .

Zara smith was the Karate girl in the same underground bar as that of Scarlet's. They both were in the top positions undefeated in their separate cages

Agnus black was Both their manager and motivator she never fights but enjoys seeing fights and is also a very sharp Shooter

Scarlet always gets questioned that if she were a fighter of the red hunter gang

Same with the Boys they were mostly questioned for as to if they knew a fighter named red Hunter and if she was from their gang

Their parents were to go for a 6 months business trip to London and from there to the rest of the places . They have to leave their kids to themselves , in the meantime Scarlett and Ezra come to know about each other and start to uncover their deepest darkest secret


The blood moon gang was controlled by Mason Walker's dad . Mason himself is a very good fighter who was unfortunately for the first time defeated by Scarlet , his ego was destroyed . His dad had been a generation of rage against the red Hunters gang . There is a secret soon to get discovered ......


Tee Summer

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