Small Town Hero (will be rewritten)


(All characters and locations are fictional and so on......)


The rodeo was going on as usual. It was cold, everyone was in their flannel, having a blast watching guys ride bulls around, and girls on the backs horses stand on their feet as they perform tricks. Melissa came with her three friends, all of them watched the show as they binged on funnel cakes, popcorn, and cola. "When is it not going to rain on a rodeo night?" Andrew asked as they all felt the misty air hit their face, making their clothes damp. "It's done it for years, I doubt I'll ever see the day it doesn't rain on a rodeo." Melissa said shivering. "That's exactly why I brought a blanket!" Samantha said, pulling a felt blanket around her shoulders while balancing a paper plate full of funnel cake on her lap. "When do you think they're gonna let the little kids chase the baby cow?" Andrew said. "We're too old for that, Andrew." Samantha said. Melissa took a sip of her cola, then her phone vibrated. "Who is it, don't they know we're busy having the time of our lives?" Samantha said sarcastically. "Guys,...It's the school!" Melissa said. "What? The school?" "The school is on fire!" She said louder, causing the rest of the crowd to hear her and talk amongst themselves. "I left my art project in my locker!" Andrew said standing up. "We have to go get it." He said, panicked. "Are you insane? Didn't you hear her? The school is on fire!" Samantha said standing up. "It's important!" Andrew said taking off down the steps of the bleachers. "Wait!" Melissa yelled, getting up to chase after him. Samantha, blanket and all, hobbled after them. 


Once they were all in the car, Andrew sped down the road towards the school, about 10 to 20 minutes away. "Andrew, slow down!" Melissa said as he definitely went thirty over the speed limit. "I think I'm gonna be sick..." Samantha said clutching the handle by the door. Andrew made a sharp curve and pulled into the school parking lot, flinging the door open, not even turning off the car. "Andrew stop! Wha-" As she spoke, a huge flame flew past Melissa's head and she ducked back inside the window. "What in the world?" Andrew was now standing by the door before a blue blur blocked him. "You shouldn't be here!" Then before he knew it, he was back in the driver's seat. "What.....?" Melissa stared out the window as a guy in a strange dark blue suit tackle a guy in a black hoodie, with inhuman speed. "Dude!" Samantha shouts as the guy in a black hoodie literally bursts into flames. "This is insane!" Melissa said pulling out her phone to record. Then police sirens wailed behind them. "Guys, we gotta leave!" Samantha yelled. Andrew in his dazed shock, compiled and sped past the police and back towards the rodeo. "Guys,...." Melissa said. "What was that?" Andrew gripped the steering wheel. "I don't know." He said. And the rest of them were silent on the way back. 


They got back right as the usual rodeo clown let the kids into the ring to chase the baby cow. They all sat there confused. Melissa pulled out her phone. "I think I got it on video." She said. Andrew and Samantha turned to face her as she hit play on the video. Blurry figures of the two men Wrestling and a bright flash or fiery orange, then a muffled, "What in the world?"  and a blue flash, then black for three minutes. "Go back and pause it." Andrew said. Melissa swiped it back a few minutes and paused. A vague shape of a blurry face and with a black mask. "Excuse me?" Someone asked tapping on the window, causing all three teens to jump. Andrew rolled down the window. "Uh, yeah?" The person outside the window was in a grey short sleeve, his arms wrapped around himself, obviously cold and wet from the misty rain. "Can I use your phone to call my parents? I lost mine." He stammered through his chattery teeth. "I guess." Andrew said passing Melissa's phone to him. The guy mumbled thanks before turning and muttering into the phone. After a few seconds then turned back and handed them the phone. "Thanks, bro." He said before walking off. "Who was that?" Samantha asked. "I don't know, didn't really see his face. Probably not from around here." Andrew said. "Wait.. wait wait wait wait-he deleted my video!" Melissa said swiping through her photos and videos panicked. 


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