So is life

Chapter 1: First Day

As Hulsat


I was walking to the office to get my time table. Today was the first day of new session but with the same old story. Everyone looking at me as I am a new girl. Hii I am Hulsat Gard of senior year. I have very few friends, seriously very few and they are Davtow Ladh and Raylyn Chow. They are the only two people who didn't ran away but patiently worked out our friendship. They read me. I don't have to think how to sit how to talk what to say when with them. They are my family. 

My dad David Gard and mother Sumge Gard died last year from an accident and since then the situation of staring me had got worse. 

I had History first then English followed by Chemistry then French (urghhh!) and finally Math. 

So Today was going to be boring with this schedule. 

I met Davtow and Raylyn outside office building. So today I had Chemistry and math with Davtow and History with Raylyn. 

The worst part of Friday (which unfortunately is today) was gym in the last hour. 

Luckily History was not that bad but while leaving the class I same him, the love of my life. He was one of dad's friend's son. So when dad and Eddie uncle used to hang out we were left alone. I had fallen for for him the day we had met. Those green eyes set perfectly on his chiseled had been able to take my breath away. There was nothing about him that I didn't like except the fact that he wasn't interested in me. He was one of the many people who thought they know me but actually didn't but with him the case was different. I tried to open up with him, to tell him my secrets but he.. he thought he knew me enough. Huh!!

Well we said a formal "hey. How are you doing these days. Yah yah I am fine" stupid conversation and had to drag myself to the next class. Both my mood and my day had grown better before the last hour. Gym!

But attending gym was necessary! 

So I had to drag myself even harder to my locker, changed to my gym dress and entered the gym and the first person my eyes fell on was him. 

And I went all I..I..I..



Candella Williams

Edited: 10.10.2020

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