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why ?

"You invited her here ?, for the party ?" harshal yelled at shreetej, while storming into his cabin. Harshal's anger was on the high level like he has crossed all the limits of anger. Shreetej knew that harshal is not going to understand any of his words as he was fuming in anger.

"Yes, I did. " shreetej said without making any eye contact with harshal.

"But why ?" harshal asked shreetej as shreetej sighed and looked up to him. Shreetej took few steps to reach where harshal were standing, he kept his hand on harshal's shoulder and said,

"All employees has choose her as their friend which one they wants to invite in the party."

Harshal heard shreetej words, as he thought for some time and came with stupid plan. "You can cancel it" harshal said.

"I can but I won't. They already hate me because I threw her out of the office without hearing her side and now If i cancel the invitation, then they will hate me more." shreetej said.

"You can find more employees, so cancel the invitation." harshal ordered.

"I can find more employees with nice salary. But I wouldn't be able to find loyal employees like them" shreetej said as harshal sighed and looked away.

"It's been 5 years harsh, just forget about incident. As we all did." shreetej said in the hope that harshal will get agree to his words but he didn't.

"I won't" harshal said and stormed out of the cabin.

Shreetej knows that harshal won't forget about the incident that happened 5 years ago. Now situation has changed, everyone has forget about the incident but harshal is the one who was keep living in the past. Everyone tried to make him forget but he couldn't forget about it. He keeps remembering all the things that happened in the past.

Harshal came out of the office and called his driver to grab the car for him. Within the second, his driver came in front of him with the car, harshal sat down on the back side as driver started the car. Harshal tries to relax while putting his head on the seat, tries to forget about what happened in the past. He always has think that she is the only one, the reason of his misery.

But is she the real reason of his misery or he is the only one who thinks like that because no one has ever think like he does. He has so many questions in his mind that still unanswered. He tried to find the answer of the questions but he couldn't find the answer which could make him calm like he wants.

"Boss, we have reached to your home." his driver said to him. As driver's words fell on his ears, He gave stern look to driver and came out of the car like his driver is responsible for all the things is happening with him.

He directly went inside his room. He removed his jacket and threw his jacket on the bed, he loosen his tie which now was hanging on his neck, He took the bottle of liquor from his bed side table and started to drink as soon as he opened the bottle. He finished nearly half bottle, he kept bottle down on the other side of bed, when he felt that his vision getting little bit blur, he went to the closet and opened his ties part of his closet. He opened his favorite watch's box, and took out the one earring.

He remember how beautiful she was looking on that day, when she wore his first and last gift. She didn't knows who had gifted her that earring but she loved them and that's why she had wore them.

He kissed the earring thinking he is kissing her, and she is just standing right in front of him. Soon her image got blurred and one man stand in front of him who was looking like him.

"Do you love her ?" he asked him as harshal shooked his head and tried to touch him to understand if he is real or not, but before he could reach to him, he changed his position.

"No, i don't." he said as soon he realized with whom he is talking with.

"Then threw that earring away from you." he ordered harshal but harshal didn't threw it. He kept the earring in the box and closed the drawer. He can do anything, but he couldn't threw that earring away from him, if he wanted to threw that earring then he could had done it in past, when she had slapped him in front of everyone.

He then came near to his bed, and took the bottle from the side of bed and again started to drink it.

"You know how she behaved with me, she didn't care about anyone. She just wants money from the guys. She don't care about the heart which beats for her." the man said to him.

"You are right !, She is gold digger who loves money and nothing else." harshal said.

"Is she really gold digger and whore who loves money and nothing else." his heart asked him, deep down in his heart he knows that he still loves her no matter what.

He took another sip of drink to forget her, but her smile was luring him, her talk, her words were crossing his mind.

"She destroyed my life and now she wants to destroy yours." he said as harshal came to his mind.

'He is right, she destroyed his life and now she wants to destroy mine too.' harshal thought to himself, but both the person were same.

He stood up, and went to bathroom. He turned on his shower and stood under it. He removed his clothes, threw them out of the shower. He keeps telling him that she is whore who loves money but his heart knows that somewhere she is not.

He closed his eyes as her image came to his mind, the day when he took all the things that she loves most. She was helpless, she didn't had any job, money with her. The day when she asked him, 'Is she really whore ?' and which he answered 'yes'. With the yes answer she slapped him very hard that he couldn't swallow it.

'If i am whore then you are sick bastard who blames the person without finding the real answer.' she yelled at him as he opened his eyes, and said, "yes, I am sick bastard who blames the person without finding the real answer and this time also you are going to regret the decision of coming here."

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