Soul love of the Solo




Xi li- Female

       Type-   demon

        Age- 25 years

Weakness- She changed into a demon only in 25 years and was not pure. She was suffering to collect a soul who is going to die (it was said to her by a greatest demon in her birth place) 

Strength - She changed into a demon ONLY in 25 years.  

      Power- She can defeat as well as can use defence with her soul. 

Likes - She likes lotus flower only from ocean

Hates - She hates the hateful atmosphere



Xi li - "I don't need all brother"

Xi li's relative - Please, how can u travel without these?  So u need these to eat and this to ... And these are your favourite clothes.. "

Xi li- "okay, brother. "

Xi li Relative -"And u should promise u will collect the soul within 5months

Xi li - "Five?  How can I !  U cultivated 150 years... but " disappointed herself

Xi li's relative - " I can only say one thing.. All the best"  gave confidence to her. 

Xi li moved from that city and started to travel. 



She started to see the dead line of soul  for each human ,but she was dissatisfied by not receiving it.She didn't stop there..she wandered everywhere but all humans are healthy and faithful in god,

If there is a man who is going to die, relatives to related person are praising the god to ''rest his soul in piece''. When the soul is in peace how can she able to take it!.

 Xi li (to herself)- 'I travelled so many places, and 2 months over,I should has to go where there is powerless, weakened aura existed.XI LI use your power to waken your strength'

- She used her all senses to search the powerless city.

XI  LI-  'That's is near ....woh! I knew a place which i can get demon aura(strength)'over joyed 

- At last she figured it. I can say that her abilities are not strong ,but i can't say her abilities can't defeat the bad ones.


Huāchéng {Flower town}


Xi li- 'Woh! flowers..wher i have to go.......i have to ask any one of them'  thinking

Passenger - nice clothes..."  talking

Xi li -"excuse me,can i know where i am?"

Passenger-" Don't u know are!" stammered 

Xi li-"I'm new to this town "

Passenger -" This is well known as flower follower..means here flowers are popular so they called like that ..i have to g..o"

Xi li-"Excuse,wait"

- Xili got one thing that this town is spirifull  with demons and humans ,they were trust worthy to each other. Coming to soul matter ; humans are wealthy but their souls were not healthy.Though xi li can get soul easily in this large town.

Xi li -" I'm hungry.Can i get thes two?"

Seller-" Then you have to buy miss, young lady"

Xi li is not mean to eat ,she was checking his time limit for death.

Xili -" He won't die for another 5 years.Then what is used to be here" murmured 

Xi li  is trying move on from there

passenger- ''Miss? where r u going..r not u buying...i opened these for u miss! wait.."



Xi li- ' thank god he didn't come to catch me"

Man behind her -then why are you still hiding?"

Xi li- ''?" turned back 

yi jia


Yi jie- male ator

Type- Human

Age- 23 years

Job- Doctor & Healer

Weakness- Had a heart problem

Likes-To treat patients

Hates-Don't know yet! have to go further


Xi li- "You?" feared a bit but not showed with her expression

Man behind her- "YI JIA , my name is yi jia"

Xi li- :" What..are you?"

Yi jia-" Can i know the way  how to reach for emperor's sister "

Xi li gave expression that she didn't know what he is saying

Yi jia- ''It's okay,if u don't know also..."

Xi li- '' I just know where to buy peach blossoms" gave a look innocently

Yi jia -'' Well, if in case we meet agian .If i want to.. I'll ask u about that miss"

Xi li was dumbfounded for a second

Yi jia is leaving from that place

Xi li-" How can he talk like that Giving respect as well as Degrading me?. I should have to see his deadline"

- She saw the deadline and shocked.



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Story about: healer fated to love a demon

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