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Disclaimer: I don't know much about the foster/adoption system, so if I offend you. I sincerely apologize and if you'd like to correct me on any misinformed information about it, feel free to comment it (respectfully, please) and I'll make necessary changes. Thank you.



Ava Gardens stepped out of the store, zipping her jacket all the way to her chin. She lifts the hood over her head and steps out into the rain. Exhaust fumes from the constant delivery trucks stung her nose. She let out a small cough and made her way down the street, hands shoved deep into her front pockets. She kept her eyes low and side-stepped people. Unseen and unnoticed. That was how she liked it. Even though she's technically an adult now, she still avoided anyone who could possibly connect her back to her mom...or her brother. He's tried to find her before. Many times...but slowly he quit trying. Maybe one day she'd contact him. When she had a nice place to live and a better job. She'd be mortified if he saw her in her work clothes and her dirty apartment, then there was the deal with Draven... A big drop of water fell down and onto her lashes. She blinked the water away and dragged a sleeve over her face. She was thoroughly soaked now, jacket sticking to her skin. "Look, all I wanted was directions, please let me through." A woman's voice came from around the corner. A weight settled itself on Ava's chest. It's none of my business... She told herself as she pressed herself against the nearby wall. Why am I not moving on? Just a few steps. She thought as she continued to listen to a couple of guys bother a tourist. In a few minutes, they'd have her wallet then it'd be done. She's seen it before. But they could also kill her. The thought tang through her mind, clear as a bell. She clenched her jaw as a small yellow-white glow emitted from her hand, slowly forming into a small rod shape. She peeked around the corner and aimed for one of the guys left. Right as she threw her projectile, a spark of lightning jolted across her view, throwing her off-kilter and hitting a dumpster a few feet away with a loud clang. The man that got shocked went down and the other's head whipped over in her direction. Ava's eyes widened and she pulled back and bumped into someone. Immediately a hand clamped on her wrist. She twisted out of his grasp and quickly took a swing at the white and purple-clad man. "Wait! I just want to-" He got cut off, dodging Ava's frantic attacks. She landed one and he stumbled, leaving enough room for her to take off. "WAIT! I just want to talk! It's about your brother!" He called as Ava disappeared around the corner. "Well, that could have gone better," Emerald said, crossing her arms. Cathode glanced at the redhead. "Yeah,..." He said, looking down the sidewalk where Ava ran away. What was that about? 


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