Stir My Love


As he lay on his bed watching Regina while she dressed up, Nicholas Adden, (Nick) contemplated on the excuse he would give to his mother as to why Regina Orthum was not his choice. They have tried for the past three months to make things work due to the relationship between both families but he just was not feeling it. He had never felt so distant at heart with anyone the way he felt right now.

He wondered why he found it so difficult to find a partner in Lagos, the most populated city in Nigeria where they say everything existed. He had returned from Canada, not just to oversee his late father’s business but to also find himself a partner and a wife; the condition his late father gave in his will before he can handle the reins of the family’s chain of businesses.

His father had instructed that he finds a wife and tie the knot before a grace period of one year after he finally moves back to Nigeria or his position as the CEO of Adden Corporations will go to his Uncle, Graham Adden. He had just nine months left to get hooked or he loses the company.

It was difficult to connect with the ladies he had been with throughout his ten years in Canada because nothing can be closer to heart than home. Despite the years he had lived in foreign lands, he was very much in touch with his local ties.

Regina was beautiful as far as the beauty of a woman goes. She was from a wealthy home, a reputable family and also spent most of her life in the United States. They had a good sex life and she was just….good…. but she was not enough. He wanted more than that. He wanted a real connection. A lady who would stir his heart to life; a lady who would stimulate both his intellect, his desires and his body; a lady whose beauty could be seen far beyond a pretty face, a pretty smile and good body but a beauty that could speak when she walks into a room, a beauty that could be heard in her words when she speaks; beautiful both on the inside and outside. The more he thought of it, the more he was convinced that the relationship had to end.

He didn’t want to risk losing his father’s company to his Uncle but all his years as a child, as a boy and as a man, he has tried to live up to the Adden family name. As an only child who was raised like a royal in all affluence and wealth anyone could imagine, he had never been allowed to make decisions that was entirely his own. He had always put his family and his father’s needs first. The only decision he had ever made that was acceptable to his parents was his idea to have his university education in Canada. He had chosen a foreign land far away from the grasp of his parents to give himself the freedom to choose his own path, to make his own decisions and to be a man of his own.

This time around, he was willing to choose his own desires over the opportunity to be called the CEO of a multi-national company. He wanted to find true and pure love no matter how long it took and he was determined to put his needs above his family.

He didn’t want to break Regina’s heart and he didn’t want to hurt his mother who had made so much effort in getting them together but he had to put his happiness first and Regina was not his choice.

As he walked Regina to the door and bade her farewell, he wondered if the woman of his dreams existed somewhere or he had to make a special request to God to cast a deep sleep on him just like he did to the biblical character, Adam before his Eve was created out of his ribs.

Even as a thirty-two years old young billionaire, with all he could ever want, with women all around him who perhaps wanted a share of his wealth and name, to them he felt like a possession or a game. He wanted someone who would really see him; not just as a person but to also see the needs that where too delicate to show.

Even with all that he had going for him, he felt so lonely in his personal Garden of Eden.




Elvira Timibra

Edited: 03.02.2021

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