Sunset Glow


“Emma! Wake up! You are going to be late for work!”

I groan with a pillow on my face, I flutter my eyes open slowly adjusting from the sun’s brightness through my window. I glance at the clock from my bedside table reading 7:01 AM. I immediately jump up from my bed and rushed towards the bathroom.

“See.. I told you, you are going to be late” My mom said as she saw me pass by.

After taking a shower and dressing up, I grabbed a piece of bread from the table and was about to rush out when my mom called out to me.

“Emma! You should eat first”

“Can’t! I’m going to be late! Mr. Rise is going to scold me again!” I said and rushed out after giving my mother a kiss on the cheek. I’m the only child of my mother, My Dad died on an animal attack 5 years ago that is why my mother and I moved from the province to the city.

We used to live in the province with my grandparents, a simple provincial life. Rustling sounds of trees, clear fresh springs, cool blowing wind in a summer breeze, bird’s chirping on morning dew, and me and my dad horseback riding. I miss my dad, we used to be best buddies but now he’s gone.

“Emma! You almost didn’t make it” Mr. Rise scolded as he saw me rushed from the office door and scanning my finger print for attendance.

“I’m sorry!” I said apologetically as I heard him sighed.

“Anyways, did you finish the report? We need to present it by 9 AM” He asked.

“Yes; I did, just a few more checking then I can double check it” I said confidently bringing out my laptop.

“Finish it before 9, you only have 30 minutes to run through them” He said and walked away, finally leaving so I can breathe freely. I went over all the editing I have done and doubled check for any misspelled words and calculations, before heading out to present the power point.

After the 4-hour presentation, finally it’s lunch time. I never had anyone to eat lunch with, simply because I was never out going to begin with. The day I started to work here a lot approached me to eat with them, I did come with them but I was very uncomfortable, I wasn’t able to follow up on their topic and hence I slowly grew apart from them.

Because I’m an introvert, I tend to like places that are quiet and preferably a place I can read books. That is why I always have my lunch at this café nearby, although it’s a hassle lining up from the elevator to come here, it was still worth it.

“Oh, Emma you are here again” Greeted by one of the staff, Macy.

“Hi Macy, I’ll have my usual” I said with a polite smile.

Macy was one of the staff of the café who usually takes my orders, we are not friends per say, we are not that close enough to be called friends. But we can be an acquittance I guess.

I sat on my usual place which is in the corner at the end, It’s like a comfort zone of mine but inside a café. I pulled out a book from my bag to read, the title of the book is ‘Daughter of the Emperor’ Written by Yunsul a Korean novel writer, it’s my favorite novel that I always read and re-read despite the late updates.

“Here’s your food Emma” Macy said as she put my food down in the table.

I eat while I read; others eat while they watch and sometimes none at all.  As I ate, A stranger walked up to me.

“Miss, do you mind if I seat with you?” A guy asked, I didn’t look at him and just nodded and told him ‘Sure’. I feel him sat at the opposite of me and feel his eyes on me which creeped me out, but I ignore it.

“Hello sir, here is your food” Macy said and put his plate of food in the table.

“Emma, do you want more orange juice?” Macy asked and I look at her and smile.

“No but can I get a coffee, please?” I asked politely still looking at her.

“Sure dear” She replied and went away as I said thank you. I went back to reading again.

I can still feel the stranger’s eyes burning a whole on my head, I had enough of him. I closed the book I am reading and turn to look at him but I was caught speechless. The guy in front of me is handsome – more like a Greek God! How can such a person exist?!

“Umm excuse me, but it’s rude to stare at people like that” He said when he noticed me staring, which I immediately composed myself.

“Sorry about that, but your no better Sir” I said and look at him sternly which he chuckled at, Oh my! Even the sound of him chuckling is perfect!

“I apologized for that, I didn’t mean to stare at you like that, it’s just you have piqued my interest” He said and chuckled again as he look at me.

“How did I ever pique your interest?” I asked with curiosity which he grinned.

“That’s for me to know and for you to never find out” He said with a wolfish grin which I pouted slightly

“Anyways, I just want to tell you it’s rude to stare at people like that, if you have something to say just say it” I said while crossing my arms over my chest.

“Will do miss, Next time I will just approach you” He said that with a mischievous smile which I stared at dumbfounded

JA Magno

Edited: 26.02.2021

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