Sweet Nightmare


Sweet Nightmare*

There are dark things that dystopia can give.

Robots don’t have souls. They may pretend they can feel, but let me tell you what? They can’t feel a thing. People try and keep trying to create bots that can move like humans, speak like humans, and at this point, feel like humans. Well maybe people did succeed, robots had enjoyed killing people like us…

You don’t belong if you are weak.

Blind, deaf, unhealthy, fat, depressing, crippled, old, ugly, divorced, sterile, unemployed, sick, gay and a lot more. Want to know what happens to people like them in our community? In Dystopia? Well, they, are, killed. No one agrees but no one can disagree…

You are killed if you are worthless.

When your only child -since only child policy is applied- got to the stage where he’ll raise his own family, in a few days, old people are killed since as they say, overpopulation is a crisis…

You are forced to do one cycle every day.


  1. Father comes home from work. (Mother is a housewife.)
  2. Father reads the newspaper while the mother cooks and child watch TV.
  3. Father and mother dances in the tune of the music.
  4. The family eats dinner.
  5. Child sleeps.
  6. Father and mother dance again
  7. The robot arrives for the daily check.
  8. Father will ask the robot to join their dance.
  9. Robot leaves.
  10. Repeat one to ten.
  11. The child turns seven and wears a mask for everyone to be pretty. The child turns twenty-five and creates his own family.
  12. Mother and father will be killed.
  13. Cycle repeat.

Children are brainwashed.

When you turn one year old you’ll get the chance to watch the never-ending show on your TV where everything repeats. You are pretty. The newest toy robot is released! Unless of course, you are special and will not be brainwashed by it. If you are, well you’re not alone. You’re not the only special…

People are tired of this lifestyle.

Well after everything that had happened, of course, all of those special people won’t let robots put their head and brains in use to expand Dystopia, so slowly we strike the robots on their backs. I’m not telling that what we’d done is made easy. But what we’d done is made for best…

‘Cuz they know they are controlled.

We beat all of the robots on sight. We recruited all of the people. And if I say ‘all’ of the people, I mean all. Even those who are ‘too’ lured with the system of dystopia. Besides we can’t blame them, if I’m like them, I would’ve done the same. Sadly, I’m not like them. We saved people who are about to be killed and cut all the lines to make Dystopia possible…

So they let go…

After everything I’ve started, I looked at my daughters as they locked their hands to each other. I smiled –as if I can do more than that - the sun rose from the horizon. Orange, pink, blue, dark blue, red, magenta, and purple. When is the first time I saw those colours? I’ve forgotten it. I missed those, and never will I miss the grey colours of the factories nor the colours of Dystopia. I miss my husband…

They are trying to bring back… Utopia.

I closed my eyes as the last of those colours faded. I closed my eyes as the last of the sounds faded. I closed my eyes as the last of my breath faded. At least my daughter won’t experience the burden I had experienced.

Sweet Nightmare*

ryumi shihara

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Story about: firstlove, childhood memories

Edited: 04.01.2021

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