That Billionaire Alpha is my Boss

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Chapter 1 - The wolf and the prey

Oliver POV:

“That’s the best you can do?” I growled, my eyes filled with disgust. “I’ve seen them all on my way back from the board meeting. Not one meets my standards. You’re my brother and my beta, I thought you’ll know me better than bring me those second rate women. You know I’m bored and I need entertainment.”

“Brother!” Mark says and then pauses to take a deep breath, briefly closing his eyes in the process. “You have a different female in your bed every day. Do you think that smart, sophisticated, gorgeous women just fall off from the sky? They walk in here and say ‘It’s my sole purpose in life to enjoy a day with a billionaire, be fucked, paid and forgotten the next morning’. No, brother! No intelligent woman with enough self-esteem would do that.”

It was too fucking long since I had sex with a woman that would not bore me to death in the first 5 minutes. My brain is already trained to stop listening, if nothing exciting comes out her month in those 5 minutes, I don’t care what she says anymore.

“You know, you can roll the old fashion way!” He adds.

My eyes narrowed. “So what do you suggest? To go out and find a nice lady, court her for months, fall in love, marry and have children?”

“I wouldn’t go that far. You still have to find your mate. But until you find her, yes, you can at least date properly a person. I dare you!”

“You know how much I despise humans! And I’ve already had in my bed every single she-wolf that has yet to find her mate!”

“Let’s make a bet! If you will date a human for three months, I’ll let you have the lake cottage that our father left me and that for reasons I don’t get, you covet so much!” He proposes, I’m starting to get interested.

Yes, I’ve always been fond of that old cottage, even if I own several villas in different locations, one more magnificent than the other, that place remained somewhere on the back of my mind. Like some unsolved mystery.

“One month!” I demand, my tone screaming not negotiable. “And what do you want in return, if I don't  manage to pull this through?”

“Mmmm, let me think! What can I get from you? Cause I’ll have it, most certainly.” His eyes of mischievous sparkle. “If we’re playing this game, I’m gonna go for a property too. The one you’re residing in!”

“My hotel? The one top hotel in all the country, you want to attain it this way?”

“Well if you’re convinced you can win, why do you care so much what I want? The price is making the game more exciting, don’t you think?”

He does have a point. “Deal!”

We seal the pact in writing for I need proof, one month from now I’ll own that lake cottage. My lips are forming in a satisfying grin. I thought not, but this day is getting interesting.

“So should I invite the first one in?” He asked, I’ve almost forgot about the women lined outside to get a date with me and a fat remuneration in their account, if chosen.

“Shhhh! Wait!” I raise my hand to make him stop talking for something stupendous just happened.

A delicate honey and almond scent filled my nostrils, I inhale deeply, almost feel its taste. As hypnotized, I get up from my chair and follow the flagrance, out of my office, in the hallway. There she is. Dark long hair in waves, brown spellbinding eyes that compliment her heart shaped face, full red lips that crave to be kissed, tanned creamy skin, so soft that my hands are itching to touch and sweet baby Jesus, such heavenly curved body!

“I’ll start with you!” I grab her wrist in a flash and drag her in my office. “What’s your name, love?” Lust floods through my body, almost unbearable, like I’m on the edge to lose my fucking mind.

She keeps quiet, probably from the shook.

“That was all, Mark!” I command, he excuses himself and leaves the room.

One more second and I would have taken her with him in the room. Hmmm… Maybe she enjoys being watched.

“So where were we?” I gently grab her sweet waist, pick her up and place her ass on my desk, wrap her legs around me. My heart is racing, reminds me of the day I had sex the first time, that 10 years older she-wolf had no pity on my poor young body. Good old times!

“Your name love, I will be screaming it soon!” I whisper to her ear, the flagrance of her hair makes my eyes roll in pleasure.

I remove her jacket, I can see her pink bra through the thin fabric of her shirt. I hover a hand on one of her plump boobs, squeeze it, until I feel the nipple harden through the material. My cock is fighting against my pants, twitching to be released, a thing that never happens so fast.

Her breath uneven, face burning red, her entire figure shaking uncontrollably, aroused already, what did she expect?

“I know where you crave me, gorgeous, we’ll get there in a minute!” I promise as I take her hand and place it on my penis, guiding her moves, up down, up down, I moan.

She fiercely withdraws it and soon after, she kicks me in my sensitive spot. My blood boiling with rage, it takes every bit of self control in my body to keep my composure, what the fuck?


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